What I Love About Sundays & What I Don't

There is a a country song called "What I love about Sunday", so in the spirit of the day here is my list:

I Love:
*having a day off from work.
*brunch with my friends.
*going swimming.
*going to church (on those spiritual days I actually feel like going not on the days I am forced to).
*Starbucks (even though I don't drink coffee).
*being able to lay in bed all day and have a Sex and the City Marathon or some other chick flick
marathon that I wouldn't be caught dead doing any other day of the week.
*Sunday night "Animation Domination" on Fox.

What I don't love about sundays:
*cleaning the toilet.
*cleaning the cat box (how can such a cute little creature let out such big **** bombs?)
*oh man, I hate doing laundry. Not for the actual act of doing laundry but the 4 flights of stairs
and putting it all away.
*seeing the 'rents.
*having all the places that you need to have open to conduct business closed on your one of 2
days off.

Short list. Anyone care to add?

Who Want's My Cat?

I love my cat... but the *ucker is nuts! I am not sure if it's because he is barely out of kittenhood or if he has some serious ADHD or Schitz. Eitherway, I think I abandon him too much. I am rarely ever home. My roommate is the one that feeds him when I am away for a while. I am not his owner, he just poops in the box in my room. Anyone want him, I will load you up with a months worth of food and littler and if you think he is crazy you can send him back my way!

*Off to clean up the cat box, joy!*

4 Accidents, 3 years.

So I have theory that there must be some kind of cosmic formula that brings up your probabilites of being in a car accident for how many miles you drive. I've had my car 3 years and some change and have driven 81,000 miles. I have already had 4 accidents. No, none of them were my fault. 3 rear-enders and one hit and run over night. WTF? I think I am driving with a bulls-eye on my bumper or a sticker that says "Hit me, I am feeling lucky tonight."
The most current accident being Tuesday night. Dumb broad was at a stoplight behind me and the light turned green and traffic didnt move but she still hit her gas. The other thing is that I am not biased against the OC, but by coincidence every accident I have been in is has been in OC and involving only one Asian. Hmmm. I am just so sick of being in car accidents. If you see me on the road, please keep away from me. because maybe my bumper has a magnet for your front.