Reader Poll Monday: Past, Present Future.

1. Comparing your life as it currently is to the way it was a year or two or five ago, are you more content? If so, why? If not, why?

I hate to say this but 5 years ago I was a mere child. I was 18 going on 28. I did way too many stupid things that I could get away at that age with, but in retrospect I would have probably slapped my former self and said "What are you thinking?" 2 years ago I was in happy but lost place. I was content with my being and everything was trucking along. Currently, I am more content. I am not lost anymore, I have set down semi-permanent roots. I have matured *well as mature as 23 can be*. I have more of an idea of what I want and now working towards getting it.

2. What do you hope the next year will bring? Do you expect things to more or less stay the same? Or do you see big changes? How do you feel about that?

The next year is going to be a whirlwind of changes. I should be getting engaged/married within the next year. Which is exciting and scary all at once. It means permanent roots vs. semi. I will no longer be fully employed anymore. I am starting up a new business which could either really go well or blow up in my face. I will no longer be relying on my intelligence but on my artistic ability. I know if all else fails I can always go back to corporate America and hope not to get laid off again. I will finally get the opportunity to finish my degree once and for all. I am ecstatic about that. Even with the starting of a new business and fully knowing that I may never have a use/need for a degree I still want to finish that up b/c I am the only person in my family who finished high school let alone have a college degree. That is important to me. Wishful thinking is buying another house and getting rid of the one we have now. Wishful b/c we live in LA and it's easier said than done.

3. What would your ideal life situation be? Do you feel that it's within your grasp, or merely a pipe dream?
Ideal, hmmm…. Both husband-to-be and I being able to work from home or independently away from corporate America. Have another child. Big house in the suburbs. Does it sound like I am ready to settle down now?

4. Ask me something.
Did you expect yourself to be where you are now at this point in your life or did you expect to be farther ahead in love/career/ect. ?


Las Vegas Baby!

We went to Las Vegas last weekend for my GF's wedding. We had a pretty good weekend of galavanting through town. My friends wedding was nice and intimate and met some pretty cool people. Saturday night we were out till 4 something in the morning. I even got my first body art done. I will post a picture once its healed a little better.


FW: Nose Picker

One of my co-workers sent me this in response to my freeway driving nose picker rant. I guess there is a radio commercial out there saying this. 

Mr. In the Car Nose Picker

Bud Light Presents Real Men of Genius
(Real Men of Genius)

Today, we salute you, Mr. In the Car Nose Picker
(Mr. In the Car Nose Picker)
For you, the daily commute isn't simply a drive to the office
It's a hands on exploration deep into your shnoz.
(I'm going in now)
With pinpoint accuracy and sheer determination,
you dig for boogers like miners dig for gold.
(hit the jackpot)
And why do you do it? Because the windows are up
and, you think that we can't see you. We can.
(how ya doin'?)

So, crack open an ice cold budlight, oh nabber of the nose nugget,
we'd like to shake your hand but, you will have to wash it first.

(Mr. In the Car Nose Picker)




Holding on to a dream....

Working corporate has it perks like seeing how many people you can sucker into going into the Mega Millions pool with you. I being the friendliest (not necessarily the most organized one) organize the lotto pools when they get to a decent size around here. The Mega was at 114 Million last week so we decided to go in on it. 105 tickets later… Monday morning I still hadn't checked the numbers b/c I dunno I am lazy and I don't feel like wasting my weekend on it. By 9 am people were already vulturing my desk asking if I had checked the numbers, b/c they had. Turns out... Hey we won 175 bucks! Split among 21 people that’s not a whole bunch of much. One person said lets throw a party… @ that amount of money it makes for a crappy lunch unless its liquid and made by one of us ;). 

Before I started organizing the work pool I had never played the lotto before. I figured I had much better luck leaving a twenty in my jeans and surprising myself or Aaron when doing laundry when we found it. I have only played the scratchers a few times. The funny thing is that I only win when I am super pee'd off. For example I had a somewhat ugly break up with a then bf and we didn't exactly know how to part ways and he suggested we go into a liquor store and get some scratchers. I didn't understand why but I agreed. I ended up winning and losing all of it at that liquor store.

People are just about religious playing these games. I don't understand that. Think about it say you drop about 5 bucks a draw twice a week for 1 year that is 520 bucks down the hole! Plus interest! Some people do it for like 20 years, plus compound interest! Retirement money!

So why after saying all this am I still playing with the group? Because considering that we are all going to be unemployed in a couple of months what do I have to lose? All of us sit here and imagine the headline that will be in the newspaper if we win….

"With Looming Lay Offs ABC Company Employees have won the Mega Million!"


Labor Day Happenings

I can't say Labor Day weekend was very exciting this year, the one perk was instead of a 3 day weekend we made it into a 4. The original plan was to take off to the river but b/c of financial constraints we figured it was not in our best interest to go. My parents invited us to Mexico for the weekend which would have been virtually a free trip *minus the boozing and gallivanting* but somehow we missed out on that too.

Friday was just running errands and taking Aaron to the doctor. His arm is still not feeling well from the accident. There is this lady we call the witch doctor that I went to a couple of weeks ago b/c I had pinched a nerve in my neck that I have been trying Aaron to go to but he is scared. Hey if I can take the pain and then feel better why can't he. The regular doctor just gave him pain medication which he can only take at night and then told him to go see a massage therapist. We will have to go tonight.

During the evening we went to see John Williams @ the Hollywood Bowl. Before we had the tickets I had no idea who John Williams was. Turns out he is the guy who did all the music to some of the super nerdy movies like Star Wars *covering self from rotten tomatoes.* The night was beautiful and warm. The place was packed and they were selling wine at the concession stands by the bottle. White wine + hot summer night = Good Times!

Saturday we went to the Getty. I haven't been to the Getty in years. We decided to go this weekend b/c we had no chitlin in tow and wanted to enjoy the museum without any screaming, tickling or "poofers". We didn't have a proper camera and the battery on my cell phone was almost dead so we used Aaron's Treo. That thing is so retarded we had to set the exposure with our hand and finagle it to get some decent color in the pictures. We ran around like teenagers and the exhibits were pretty cool. Aaron is in love with one of the artist on display. I a sure those pictures will be posted on his site, so I won't even bother. There was a party to go to that night but the Getty is closing late during the summer so by the time we were coming back from LA we weren't dressed for it and it was just too late. Still Happy Birthday Scotty McHotty.* Getting old at 25.* ;)

Sunday/Monday we did a whole bunch of nothing mixed in with some cleaning. We now have a functional wet bar that is only slightly stocked but it will be built up after a while. Aaron ditched me for college football with his dad so I ended up going to go see "Invincible" starring Mark  Walberg. My friend Tim was so kind to take me out of my boredom and we had a good ol' time. I was surprised at how good Marky Mark was in this film. I still think of him in his Calvin Klein's trying to be "hard." Ha!

YLT: Wish you were here!

Before I miss the deadline and get more booze in my system... We are at the hollywood bowl hearing John williams. Good times :)

Can You Say?


That’s somebody's last name.


YLT: I give up

Trying to blog on command is too hard. I will return when I am not even boring myself.

On a side note I did try to blog when I was halfway lit at the hollywood bowl friday night. My phone just wasnt doing it.