Ketchup 3 - February Edition

I am here. I have just been slammed with work. So here are tidbits of whats been going on for the last couple of weeks. I am still trying to catch up with my reader.

  1. Valentine's Day didnt suck this year. Had some amazing food and thoughtful gifts. That didn't get paid out of my checking account.
  2. Have tickets to see Blake Shelton tonight and no one to go with. And I actually paid for these tickets!
  3. Painted my new room at my new house.
  4. Got new shiny furniture for my new room.
  5. Falling in love with a hobbie again.
  6. Excited about this move thing.
  7. Panic Attacks down.
  8. Things still in the shitter with the fam. Trying to help them though.
  9. Paying for a gym membership that I haven't been going to.
  10. Things are going surprisingly well with LJ and I.
  11. LJ's grandma and aunt sent me V-day presents! How cute is that!
  12. I am sending back the thank you cards today within a reasonable amount of time.

I swear I will craft a real post soon. Anyone want to add a line of their own?


May the Spirit be with me

For anyone who's not Roman Catholic today is Ash Wednesday. For Lent we are supposed to give up something we like. Okay, so I am not a really great Catholic but at least I am trying. Anyway, I finally figured out what I am giving up. All sugary drinks. I don't drink Coke or Diet Coke or any other type of dark soda but if there is a Fanta or a Crush around I am all over it. Since I don't drink a lot of soda in general you would think this wouldnt be much of an issue. Except I love lemonade. I could have lemonade all day. So day one 1 and I went to whole food and and bought Metro Mint Lemon Water and gah... not good. I think its also b/c I am not much of a mint lover. I am trying to find new alternatives on what to drink that doesnt have sugar and I won't drink anything with fake sugar thanks to this book.

Any ideas on what I should be drinking? Oh, I am already stocking up on Republic of Tea drinks. Yum!

P.S. I swear I have some real posts coming up. Like the music swap... I didnt forget about you Sparkel.


Bathroom Revelations

Dear whoever uses the big stall before me.

Dude, double check to make sure there are no left-overs. It's okay to double flush. That's nasty!


the girl who wants a clean throne.

Dear Girls Talking in the bathroom,

Thanks for stoping your conversation when I walked in. Hopefully it wasn't about me.

your co-worker

Dear People who walk in when there is someone in one of the stalls,

You never know who is in the stalls or if they are the person that is about to get fired that doesn't know it yet.

Fortunately not that person