No Pictures included

I really got to start taking more pictures ad my days go by considering how crappy of a memory I have and I know everyone likes pictures. I've been spending the last 4 days in bed b/c I have been sick. I was supposed to be in Vegas this weekend but... too sick.

School is almost over which I am excited about. There are so many things changing around here that it makes my head spin. I don't know if I will still be qualifying for my school's honors program especially since my attendance has gone to hell from being sick.

The big news is that we have decided to get out of SoCal. We are moving to the pacific NW where LJ is from. There are a lot of little details that need to be covered like for 1 his business and 2 my schooling. Since we both have to wrap up here its more like early 2012 than anything else. Unfortunately, we will have to do a move prior to the "Big Move" since our landlord wants his house back and now only have less than 30 days to pack up our house.

My birthday is this month which I should be excited about but chances are I will be moving that weekend. I also realized that I will be going to school day and night for a month which I am not too excited about. I am happy because I will be going to make-up school but not excited that I will be in school for 10 hours a day with only a 2 hour break in between.

Life. It's busy.


New Year... just a little late

I am happy to report that instead of falling into the same old corporate trap I decided to go back to school which is the main reason I have been MIA. A few posts ago I mentioned wanting to be a make-up artist. Although I do love make-up I know that I just can't go out there and market myself as such with no formal training and not a lot of experience. I am in an esthetician program and I will be following it up with make-up school.

I am super excited about this change. LJ has been super supportive and although we are making some sacrifices for the ability for me not having to work, we both hope that it will all be worth it. I am in school almost 40 hours a week and am doing the honors program as well just to add to the fun.

Life is good.