Time seems to be flying faster than I can remember. This lady of leisure business is harder than it looks. Not that I am really complaining life is overall good. I've been keeping socially active between Junior League and my Meetup group activities and I hired a personal trainer. I don't have much downtime especially since I am still working for LJ too. I am afraid of becoming "that girl."

You know the bosses wife/girlfriend/fiance/significant other/bitch. This week I told his employees that we were going to have a catered lunch on Friday because it was the end of the month. I didn't realize that it was only on days that guys did inventory. Oops. Some of them think I am the boss, some give me respect. I don't know exactly how to treat them all or how they are supposed to treat me but I am working on it. I also told if something didn't shipped out that same day I was going to chop him up feed him to the sharks open up the shark dig him out and feed him to another shark. Aggression much?

I am so looking forward to the Fall actually starting so I can wear all the warm clothes I bought that its been too freakin hot. On Tuesday it was 100+ and Saturday it was drizzling. I need to go through my closet and get rid of some of my shoes too. I finally got to wear my tall Cole Haan boots and my purple leather jacket. These items sold out at Nordstroms so no pictures available.

This is also the first weekend in at least 3 months that I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING PLANNED. I think I might finally tackle that scary room that I call the closet. I've made tenative plans for Saturday with LJ but Sunday.... nothing.

Oh yeah and the worlds greatest meat lover... going 80% vegetarian... WTF!


Seriously... My brain could explode

With how many things I have going on.

I'll start off with that I am happier now than I have been in a long time. I am no longer working for the big place that I was working for for almost 7 years. The company has changed alot since when I started to what it is now. On top of that just the commuting, people and general economy made me a miserable hot mess. I am freelancing on my own for now working on 2 big projects and picking up odd jobs where I can to make ends meet. LJ is being supportive and is telling me if I want to make a career change right now is the the time to do it.

On the plus side of being home more often, my flowerbeds have never looked better and I will be home in a couple of hours to bake some cupcakes for a cupcake decorating party I am throwing. Everytime I have a bright idea I think how could I make a job out of that?

I love make up = makeup artist = starving artist = no
I love to bake= baker = fatter = no
I love the internet = internet stalker? = social networking?= web design = possibly
I love throwing parties = event planner = possibly.
I love to shop = personal shopper = amassing credit card debt = no

I am getting way more into my domesticated side although I am still not cooking. I am also planning on using this little break from work to start eating healthier and taking care of myself. I have some doctor appointments lined up for the next few weeks starting today. It's not that I don't like doctors its just that I didnt like taking time off of work to do them. Now that I am on my own schedule I can do them in the middle of the day no problem.

My mental health has definately improved since this change. I am def optimistic at this point.



I should probably be saving this post for next week, but I wanted to share my excitement over the party we are having this weekend. One of our good friends is having his 31st birthday tomorrow and we are throwing him a bacon-themed birthday party.

Everyone is supposed to bring food with some sort of bacon incorporated into the dish. Since we are hosting I will be preparing bacon chocolate cupcakes and Coke floats and 50/50 floats. I am hoping they turn out alright but I am bit skeptical.

I am also going to attempt to make Bacon Churros as in mexican churros with sugar and cinnamon. This should be interesting. I will make sure to have pictures of the end products next week.

Oh yeah, I still need to clean up the closet/craft room. Anyone want to take care of that for me? I will pay you in bacon. Or bacon churros. Your preference.


I'm Still Alive...

So I haven't completely fallen off the internet but I am normally only commenting and not really writing on my own although I have 5 bajillion things I could be writing about. Here are a couple of updates just to show I haven't been holed up on my bed (although sometimes I wish I was):

  1. I accepted a leadership position with Junior League that I am super excited about. Normally as a regular active you kind of get to take a break for the summer as someone in leadership, not so much.
  2. I think I told everyone way back when that I am not commuting anymore. Well at least not the crazy commute I was doing before. So far that has made a super drastic change in my attitude and energy levels. I actually want to go out and do stuff! Although I still have to drive up to LA to do my Junior League stuff.
  3. I have been getting more into crafting and turning my closet room to also be a craft room. Hopefully I will have that done sooner than later. Although for right now everytime I see the show "Hoarders" it freaks me out and makes me go clean up that room a little bit more. Anyone want to help me build a proper craft room? I will pay you in knitting and yummy food. And wine, of course!
  4. LJ and I hit our 3 year anniversary last month which I am super happy about. Not to sound like an ungrateful wench but seriously? "Put a ring on it!" I think now I am starting to get a little antsy.
  5. Having one of LJ's closest chick friends at our house this weekend made me feel a little better about #4 , but you know... still sucks.
  6. I am loving babies currently. Not in the make my ovaries ache kind of way but in the yeah maybe I will babysit for my friends for a full day.
  7. I am starting my little side business which I hope will take over our garage. Currently working on the computer part of it before I start searching for other things.
  8. I will be starting a new blog. Already have the URL some of the software stuff done but not ready to go live yet but am getting pretty dang close. My new personal calling cards already have the url on it so now I have to make it happen. I think thats why I have been holding back on blogging for a while now since I knew I was going to be doing a switchover.

Anyone have any good news to tell me? What is going on with the 2 folks that maybe read my blog still?


I wish I could say that....

  • Life is wonderful.
  • I have achieved everything I have wanted to do in the time fram needed.
  • All my family is doing well.
  • That I was happy.
  • I don't have a Sorority Life addiction.
  • everything is in order.
  • I know what I want to do for the rest of my life.

I don't. I can't. I will come back when I have happier things to say.


I didn't fall into the well...

Ya’ll I have an addiction. A Sorority Life addiction. I can’t say that that’s where I have been hiding for the last couple of weeks/months. To be honest just real life has gotten in the way.

A lot of things have changed mostly for the good. I am no longer commuting 100 miles a days – 6 hours round trip in the hell we call LA Freeways. I am actually closer to home and on a good day I can get to work in 25 minutes and a bad day I can get there in 45. I didn’t think I was that affected by it but those around me have noticed a change in my personality since the commute has stopped. I have noticed it myself too. I am grateful for those who helped make the change happen for me and I am upset at those who give me crap for making a “selfish” decision to get my life back. I don’t know what it means for my career with this change b/c I am basically taking a break but I don’t know if I really want to go back either. I like my regular job better but with my work life balance being shot to hell for half the money I was making a year ago I don’t think that it’s worth it. Who knows maybe in a year it won’t matter anyway.

Aside from the big work change I have just been involved in so many other projects socially that I sometimes get a chance to read everyone else’s blogs but I rarely have a chance to write my own. I am enjoying knitting, card-making, Junior League, re-organizing and decorating the house. I need to take pictures. I am going to get better at it I promise.