When I grow up I want to be just like you!

I went to work today wearing a black sleeveless top that kinda hangs down at the boobs and khaki short pants and heels today. My hair was actually pretty manageble and I thought I was looking kinda cute. Then I realized that I dressed exactly like my boss did on Friday. I can't even dress myself without being corporate... that's sad!


Tequila makes her clothes come off.

I had tequila. My clothes came off. Everyone had a happy ending. Just thought I would share.


I don't like being sick

I actually came home from work early today because I wasn't feeling well. I never leave early! I am considering not going to work tomorrow. Sometimes I think I am a work-aholic. I am at work at least 10 hours of the day including lunch plus the commute. Maybe its some form of sick torture.