Ketchup #... Fuck it!

  1. I spent a lot of money on clothes... now I have some returns.
  2. Work is actually not completely stressing me out.
  3. BTW b/c I failed to mention my birthday was 2 weeks ago and my anniversary was a week ago. Or was it 3 and 2.
  4. I have a lot of books to read including See Jane Write. Any other chick lit lovers around these parts?
  5. I hate the heat, spent most of it in air conditioning. What sucks is that when I went to the office today the air-conditioning wasn't working.
  6. Anyone else watching The Bachelorette?
  7. Mentally still coming and going.
  8. I learned how to crotchet. Not well but at least I am trying. Does that make me an old lady? Note to self don't attempt to crotchet with booze in the belly.
  9. Summer! Already have a couple of trips planned not very far, but at least meaningful. *Read: More time to get in good with his family.*
  10. I just got a book of New York Times Crosswords. I actually suck at these but I figured it would help me expand my knowledge/vocabulary. Anyone else into them?
  11. How's everyone else doing?


My therapist isn't on vacation....

but I am totally feeling mental today. I see her tomorrow but I am deep into my emotions today. I don't know if its all the booze I've consumed for the last couple of days or if its the fact that Aunt FLO is due to visit, I am just not feeling right.

There's a lot of things that have been floating around lately that I haven't talked about. One of them being my mental health is running amok again and I don't want to deal with it. I take that back. I don't want to be medicated. I know that it would be the best thing for me and it would solve a lot of my other issues that I have going on, its still just scary you know?

I keep asking why can't we fast forward life for a couple of months to just to through the rough spots. I know why. Because thats how we miss the good that would have came with the rough and worse thats how you just fast forward to another rough patch - we can never tell what's really gonna happen.

One of the few things I have going for me is that at least I know I am loved.  I am grateful for that.