I wish I could tell ya'll that I have been having a fabulous time in the sunshine and playing with the imaginary puppy I've been begging my bf to get me.

Sometimes I wonder if I bite off more than I can chew. I have been having a feeling of overwhelm for the last couple of weeks to the point that I am just withdrawing from life a little bit. Not noticable to most but I know that I am letting things fall to the wayside that I really should be taking care of. Which is also why I have been semi-MIA on my blog. Oh and my reader? Almost to 1,000. Awesome.

I actually have some great posts floating in my head and some pictures I want to share for the OCD organized. I will get to it soon. I will at least try to catch up on commenting. If I am not here then I must be at your blog.

Talk to everyone soon.

P.S.S. For anyone doing the "Don't Go Over in October" Challenge.... I have only fallen off the wagon once. I had a credit at Ross and I ended up spending a little over my credit on shoes. But seriously? Can we ever have too many shoes?


Hand Me the Brown Paper Bag Now

Normally that would be meant for beer, but not for the month of October. I found this "Don't Go Over In October Challenge" while I was browsing Heidi's blog.

31 days. No Shopping. Just necessities. Thank God there are no Nordstrom sales that month and I just went there last week. No Old Navy or Target. I can't say I will be saving a lot of time since I generally hate the mall and do most of my shopping online. Maybe I will be a little more productive in front of the computer since I think it would be in my best interest not to be browsing so much. I don't want to be the hungry cat with tuna in my face.

2 days in yes I am having a little bit of lust. Currently it's being compensated by the fact that I have to buy things for my side job which is technology related. I love buying new toys and software. Even better when its billable!