Happy Birthday to Me!

So far my birthday has been pretty awesome. I will have a full update at the end of the weekend. So far its included a fancy lunch and diamonds. Can it get any better? I guess we will have to see. Hope ya'll have a great weekend.


Look Ma I Can See!

I am posting this for @chadscott viewing pleasure. I got new glasses. I don't wear glasses all the time but I need them to read, drive at night and to see far distances. These are my new beauties.

Happy Birthday, Sort of.

My birthday is this week, on Thursday I will be 26 to be exact. I bought myself a little gift for my birthday and couldnt wait till Thursday to play with it. See below.

I couldn't suck it up to buy a real lens but I bought these filters that let me get pretty close up. I am so excited to shoot again. Yay!


Spring Cleaning - Shoes

I've been meaning to go through my closets for a long time b/c honestly they are overflowing. I don't say this in a bragging manner. Matter of fact I don't even have a built on closet. Currently my shoes are living out of the hall closet which houses 90% of my shoes (the others strewn about my house, car and office) and some of my dresses.

I just wanted to show you some of the shoes that are in said closet. I have some awesome ones in their but you can't tell b/c of the size of the picture. Also for anyone that is wondering each of these shoes are housed in their own individual plastic see through boxes. Even though I tried to clean out my shoes only 1 pair is going to be donated and about 6 pairs are going to the shoe fixer. So much for getting rid of shoes.