Seems like a lifetime ago....

Sept. 11, 2001. It was my first fall out of high school. I was done being an office bitch for the summer and was off to my training for a sales job. I was on my way to training around 7 something in the morning west coast time. I was listening to a local shock jock and they were talking about what had happened earlier in the morning. I thought it was a sick joke and was just disgusted at the show.

I made it to training and turns out it was true. It was all true.


Commitments, decisions & a whole lotta money

Even though it seems like I am never around I am always reading. I read so much that I hardly ever write myself. I used to write when I was in the office but I've just been so dang busy that I don't even get to do that anymore. Busy at work is always a lot better than twiddling my thumbs.

The big news of the last couple of months is that LJ and I have been talking about moving in together. It's been going on since March but I didnt want to jinx it by going public with it before knowing it was all happening. The bigger news is that I decided to buy a house. The original plan was to move in together but considering the amount of rent that we are willing to pay we can afford a house. Worse comes to worse I can afford a house. I've learned my lesson about mixing finances before marriage and I'm not willing to do it again.

So where do we live? How big of a house? We have an idea of what we want b/c we have specific needs. 2 bedroom, would prefer a house over a townhouse, would prefere a townhouse over a condo. Beggars can't be chooser though. We need a 2 car garage (considering we have 3 cars between the 2 of us), air conditioning, i would like hardwood floors but its not really a deal breaker.

The other part of the move is really with location. LJ and I live about 17 miles apart and I live 17 miles farther from work. The city I live in is my hometown and all my friends and family are here. He is from the Northwest with only a brother out here but all his friends (frat brothers) all live near him now. His office is less than a mile away from his current location. Living in LA or in the near vicinity even if something is really not that far it can still be a pain to drive to b/c of LA/OC traffic. Anyone who has to deal with 405 going anyway during rush hour knows what I am talking about. I actually don't want to move closer to work b/c I really dont care for the area. I kind of want to stay in the city I am in now but I know I can't afford to buy in the neighborhood I currently live in. LJ would prefer that I move as close to his office as possible as he knows he is not going anywhere anytime soon since I really don't know what my plan is for the next couple of years. Honestly, the thought of commiting to live anywhere for the next 5 years is pretty scary considering that I have been out of my parents house for 7 years and the longest time I have lived in one place was 3 years and almost everywhere else for less than a year. Different cities different counties.

I've already put a couple of offers in and have been outbid and that's even putting in at asking price. The market seems to have slowed down with the end of summer but I would ideally like this straightened out by the end of the year. I am just hoping I can find not the place I am truly in love with but something that is better than rental living that can be a good write-off for the next couple of years. My roommate already found a place that she just went into escrow with this last week so she will be moving and guess what that means? LJ will be moving in next month.

I love Cake!

It's great see that everyone out in blogland is having a pretty productive summer. I wonder how some people make the time to be able to write everyday. I have been relatively busy for the last couple of weeks with my life starting to make a little more sense.

I can't cook. There I said it. I don't think I am the only one out there that can admit to this. My mom tried teaching me growing up but I always refused. I think it had something to do with her prefacing the lesson with "If you don't learn how to cook no man will ever love you." So I purposely never learned how to cook to prove her wrong. B/c you know what Mom? Men still love me and they cook for me! The only thing that sucks about this is that when you are single you don't have anyone to cook for you or worse if you do have someone you don't want to bother them with the cooking all the time. So what's a girl to do? Take a cooking class. Last week was my first day at said class. My roommate is taking the class as well. The teacher was threatened by the Dean if there was not enough participation in the class that it would be cancellled. Just b/c LJ wanted me to learn so bad he enrolled in the class in hopes getting the class not cancelled. Turns out it was too little too late. The class was cancelled. :(

My domestic dreams all turned upside down I try to make lemonade out of the lemons I was handed. I looked at the rest of the schedule and decided to take a cake decorating class. B/c who knows when it might come in handy right? I may want to decorate my wedding cake or something in the far off future. So there you go. I am gonna have my domestic cake and decorate it too.


2 + 2 = 5

It seems everyone but me had something fun going on for Labor Day weekend. Sadly in my 25th year of life it feels like I am closer to 40 than 25. I ended up working over the weekend and doing homework. I did hang out with LJ but even that consisted of him helping me with my homework.

One of my goals for 2008 was to go back to school. So here I am universe, in school! I don't know if it was my brightest ideas to start with one of the classes I am dreading and having the biggest mental block over but might as well jump in heads first b/c it really cant't get much worse than this. Oh for the record I am taking a math class. Not even a class that would be considered hard just a class that I never took in high school. Intermediate Algebra. So if any of you are really good at math send me a g-chat invitation I could use all the help/moral support I can get.

I finished the homework on time *thank gawd* but I still want to do the bonus work. My over-acheiving even if it sucks I am gonna do it self won't let me not do the bonus work.