Road Rants volume 1

I already started numbering these because I have a feeling there will be a lot more to come considering I am driving 70 miles every day to work.

Dear Guy with the Cigarrette,

It's okay if you want to die with your cigarrette smoke but don't make me smell it too. I let my A/C bring in whats supposed to be fresh air not cancer causing rat poison. Please close your windows and hot box yourself and let the rest of breathe freely.

Not looking to die in my 20's.

Dear Ladies on the Cell Phones,

You know who gives women drivers a bad name, you do! There is a reason there is a law in California not to let people on their cell phones as they drive. If you are too busy yapping away on your cell phone chances are you either are distracted and drive slow (ie 10 miles below speed limit in the fast lane) or worse you don't turn your head or signal when you change lanes. One of these days I am gonna let you hit me in front of a cop and see what happens to your insurance rates for being an idiot.

See you in arbitration.

Dear Old People,

If you can't see pass your steering wheel chance are you shouldn't be driving. Call your grandson skippy to take you out for a drive to do errands. I am tired of the slow driving in the fast lanes or the merging without signals. Please for your safety and mine.

Trying not to rear-end you


Friends in Low Places

Last week Molly posted about making friends and it got me thinking. I love the friends I have don't get me wrong but I hardly ever see them. I am 25, living with a roommate and I have a bf the rest of my friends (all girls I grew up with) are now married, married with babies or doing the single-mom thing. Nothing against how they are living their lives it just doesn't mesh well for a Wednesday Night Wine Tasting or other adult spontaneous activities.

My roommate is super cool so we hang out at the house a lot which is almost like having a built in friend. We were friends before we moved in together but not all BFF (oh and we work for the same company). My old roommate and I actually hang out more with socially now b/c I know where to go when I need a drink.

Anyway, I still feel like I am missing in the friend front. I haven't made any new friends outside of work or living situations for many many years. Although my old friends I can call out of nowhere and pick up the conversation like we just spoke yesterday its still not the same as having a real close friend that I actually did have a conversation with yesterday.

After Molly did her post went back and read the comments for suggestions on what to do. The funny thing is that she mentioned her Physical Therapist to be friends with. I want to be friends with my Chiropractor but I have no idea on how to say hey lets hang out without it being weird. She told me she does spin at the same gym but I've tried spin and its too hard-core for me. One day I will get some neve and not sound weird.

One of the suggestions that kept coming up was Junior League. I actually had never heard of the organization before. I guess out on the east coast its a big to-do. I looked up the website for my local chapter and lo' and behold there was actually orientation for new members. Fortunately, my nervousness did not get the better of me and I went ahead and registered. The timing actually worked out b/c the organization I was previously doing my volunteer work has been on a downhill slide with organization and I was no longer being useful there. I was looking for a new challenge.

The new memeber orientation was on Saturday and I actually decided to join. The group of women is very diverse. I was expecting at home moms with a lot of time on their hands. I would say the group was 24-32 professional with lives outside of the home. The meeting was held at the home of one of the recruitment chairs which was beautiful and she had a full spread of food set out early in the morning. She is one of those super-organized not of this world energy person to get it all ready. There was also a lot of bling going on. Newly engaged, planning a wedding or just married was the story for most of these girls. One day I will be there.

I am pretty excited about joining Junior League even though orientation is now the actual group doesnt start until the Fall. Best part? There is a formal event in the Spring! Hey who doesn't like a reason to get really dressed up?


Feed Me!

I probably shouldn't be writing this post when I still haven't had lunch but what can you do? I bought a slow-cooker over Thanksgiving and sad to sat that is it still in the plastic. I really don't know how to cook and even with the help of the slow-cooker the task seems daunting. Anyway, I am looking for recomendations of what to do with contraption. Anyone?

Oh and I don't eat pork so no pork chops for me.

Also any good really really easy cookbook recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


Where the paycheck comes from

I wish I could talk about work more openly it would probably make for a more interesting blog. Here are a few of the highlights:
  1. My work is one of the places that has been splashed all over the news with lay-offs.
  2. I survived a lay-off back in Thanksgiving which I am thankful for.
  3. I got transferred to a new location that is not necessarily a lot farther but because of location it can take me 2 1/2 hours to get home from work sometimes. (38 miles in LA?)
  4. It takes me about an 1 1/2 to get to work right now.
  5. I can't afford to have lunch out everyday anymore b/c of the change in my personal economy and location of new offices. (I am not going to spend $20 dollars on a sandwhich)
  6. I have doubled my gas bill but I still can justify taking public transportation because its a joke. Even with the company picking up half of the tab I can't let myself get carsick every day on a train.
  7. I've been with the company 5 years and this is my 4th relocation. Everyone always asks me why I don't move with my work my response is why? I am probably going to get moved again so might as well stay close to friends and family.
  8. I actually have to put on make up on every day and real work clothes most days now.
  9. My soul selling has so far gotten me a tank of gas and utility bill paid. I have some change for lunch too.
  10. Being so much on the road not only causes wear and tear on you car but on your brain too. In some cases more on the brain than on the car.
  11. The most exciting thing last week was that they repaved the ugliest street with the worst potholes that I use as an exit.