Feed Me!

I probably shouldn't be writing this post when I still haven't had lunch but what can you do? I bought a slow-cooker over Thanksgiving and sad to sat that is it still in the plastic. I really don't know how to cook and even with the help of the slow-cooker the task seems daunting. Anyway, I am looking for recomendations of what to do with contraption. Anyone?

Oh and I don't eat pork so no pork chops for me.

Also any good really really easy cookbook recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


Mike said...

Take some sort of meat.
Put it in the pot.
Put maybe some potatoes in there.
Maybe some veggies like carrots or brussels sprouts.
Put a bit of water or broth in there.
Put some spices, whatever the heck you want.
Put it on low in the morning. Come home to a nice hot meal.

That's it!

Even a bachelor like me can figure that shit out ;)

magda said...

I got a slow cooker for christmas, and an awesome cookbook with it: "not your mother's slow cooker cookbook." Seriously, it has like 900 recipes. I've liked all the ones I've tried so far, but in the interest of full disclosure, I've only made soups and chili. The book says you can make all KINDS of crazy things in there.

I'm happy to send some your way, just let me know what you want :)

Maxie said...

If you have a borders nearby check out those bargain books. They're awesome... i have maybe 10 of them and I'm pretty sure they have one for slow cookers.

Ally said...

I don't have one, but several friends use theirs to make white chicken chili, which is absolutely yummy.