I thought I would have something awesome to write but my brain is mush from the week. So here is a little recap of everything that has/is going on:
  • I will be going to the Northwest for Thanksgiving to see LJ's family. I actually bought the tickets the middle of last month for LJ for his birthday which is the week before Thanksgiving. He is excited to see his family. I am excited to see his family too. Although, the last 2 times I have seen them I have been sick as a dog and I am hoping not on the 3rd time. Also, a lot of my shopping has been taken up with buying warm things for cold weather. Cuz in California? We have sunshine and puppies.
  • Speaking of which? Sweet Baby Jesus its hot! I have all these cute Fall clothes and boots that I want to wear but even though I am by the beach its still hot!
  • I've been house a dog my old roommate picked up 2 weeks ago in my backyard. He was on a main street and almost got hit by a car. She couldn't take him to the pound afraid of crying so I took him to a no-kill shelter but they wouldn't take him. The neighborhood is covered in signs and no one has looked for him. He is a great a dog but I can't keep one at my house. I will have to find him a home.
  • My new roommate is moving in on Halloween. Sadly *pathetically* I have no plans for Halloween. Am I too old to get dressed up? Yeah.
  • There is a restaurant in our neighborhood that we went to for V-day this year that was so awesome and yummy that we wanted to go back for dinner service. Then their chef quit. They still have breakfast which is awesome but for the last 8 months they have been taunting us with "Oh we will be open in the Fall". Guess what ya'll? Its Fall. And it's still not open.
  • I am making another huge cake next week. This one is for Halloween. You know what? I am still over cake.
  • My house for some odd reason gets real hot and right now with this weather its even worse . I can't bear turn on the AC b/c paying $188 electric bills between 2 people makes me wanna cry. Also, with this hotness my wine fridge struggles to keep my wine cool. It was so bad that I thought it was broken. LJ took it to his office to ship and turns out it works over there just fine. Now I have 2 wine fridges.
  • There is a general consensus going around that I am weird b/c a) the thought of living in Seattle where its nice and cool albeit wet is very appealing and b) that I am okay with Gay marriage. I would think I live in place that has open-minded individuals but apparently I don't. I say let everyone be as happy or as miserable as everyone else.
  • For any of you who check your stats and know where my cubicle is. I know as much as everyone knows and all I know is that we are set out for a bumpy ride next year.



That Dream Where It All Goes Down In Flames

I realize there are a lot of things in my everyday life that I don't normally write about here. Most of my friends think I am a do-gooder. For the most part I am pretty modest about what I do for good of the world and whenever anyone asks me why I do what I do my usual answer is to build karma points for whenever I do something really bad and hopefully have some left over when I get to the pearly gates.

This week I had an event that I organized for the women's group I mentor with for make-overs for women that are coming back into the work force. I've actually been working on this for 2 months trying to get people to come and help. You would think that working with a group that has a well recognized name would help the situation but not so much. The saying is time is money and money is time. People are being stingy with both.

I was finally able to conjure up 2 hair stylist and a make up artist for our event. I had a location and catering and goodie bags for the women participating in our event. It was all gravy. *Que the heaven music*

As I was doing my final confirmations for the people working our event in a span of 12 hours *i.e. the morning of* All 3 backed out. *Doom!*

So what do I do? The funny thing is that I had already had a dream about this happening and in that dream I had no resolution. We have 15 people coming for this plus our regulars and I have no hair and makeup people. Yikes!

With any problem you can throw money at it is what I have learned. Our event was being hosted at a major department store and we had many ins and one of my own personal ins. I guess if you shop their enough it comes in handy. Said department store has lots of Make-up and make-up artists. After some groveling and lots of money spent 4 of the counters agreed to do make-up for the under privileged. Oh and me b/c you can't host a make-over event and look like hell yourself.

So yeah maybe there was no hair done but the women who came did get their make up done and free stuff and a free dinner. Better than me trying to do a song and dance and sending them on their way right?


Open Letters

Dear Mom,

Do you remember that episode of The Simpsons where Homer got sent to hell and Flanders was the devil? You know the one with donut? Where when he went to hell and got fed donuts as punishment?

I know how it feels now. Taking this cake decorating class sounded like a great idea when you and I discussed originally. I didn't mind spending the money (x2) or having to pick you up on my way home from work and driving you home at 10pm. What I do mind is that I have cake leftover up to my ears and I can't stand the taste of frosting. Before during class I would lick it off. Now I have wet wipes b/c the smell of sugar overtakes me. BTW did you realize how much Crisco is in frosting? And my gone Sunday/Monday nights before class for prep? Ugh.

Never again Mom. Let try sewing next time.

With a frosting full belly,
your hija

Dear Current Roommate,

I am glad you found a home to call your own. I am even glader that all your stuff won't be taking over the whole house. What you call clean and what I call clean are 2 different stories so don't forget to take your dust bunnies with you.

With your housewarming gift packed,
the cleaner of the 2

Dear Work,
What happened to the good ol' days of hours of 9-4:30 plus a 2 hour lunch. Quit kicking my ass and I will love you. Right now I love the paychecks but hate the hours.

your slave,
paycheck in wallet

Dear Paycheck,

Quit dissapearing me.

- dwindling bank account