Summer Reading Extravaganza

Since all the Cool Kids are doing it... here I am with my Summer Reading list:

  1. Love the One You're With - Emily Giffin
  2. Shoe Addicts Annoymous - Beth Harbison
  3. How to Be Single - Liz  tuccillo
  4. The Wedding Officer - Anthony Capella
  5. Chasing Harry Winston - Lauren Weisenberger
  6. Certain Girls - Jennifer Weiner
  7. The Gate Crasher - Madeleine Wickham (AKA Sophie Kinsella)
  8. Remember Me? - Sophie Kinsella
  9. The Office of Desire - Martha Moody
  10. Queen of Babble in the Big City - Meg Cabot
  11. The Best Day of Someone Else's Life - Kerry Reichs
I've bought most of these books within the last 3 weeks but have been putting most of my time into crotcheting. I am almost done with my first scarf and now moving on to a throw blanket. Maybe I should be buying audiobooks so I can do both a the same time. 

As for the books on my list.... I doubt I will get through them by September but it will be fun trying. There are some new authors in here I have never read along with some favorites that have new books out. I am not sure how many people knew that Sophie Kinsella's real name is Madeleine Wickham. This is also the first time I have read a Meg Cabot book. Lauren Weisenberger is the author who wrote The Devil Wears Prada and also Everyone Worth Knowing which I do recommend.  I've read  Martha Moody before and I liked her enough to buy another one of her books.  Certain Girls is the sequel to Good in Bed but the storyline is probaby not what you would expect. Jennifer Weiner is the author who wrote In Her Shoes. For the record the book is way better than the movie. Go read it!

So that's that. I now need to go get ready for work before I am late. I also have some pics I have to post for you guys to see the new excitement in my house. 


It's one way to start a diet

Since Saturday I've lost 6 pounds and counting. New diet? Cabbage only? No carbs, all meat you ask? No! No way to kick start a diet like food poisoning! I don't know how I got it or when I got it all I know is that it's still here. I have wasted a Monday doing absolutely nothing b/c I haven't been able to be away from the potty too long and everything hurts.  I think the only perk I have had is that I have been able to catch up on my feeder. 

As for the weekend... it makes for an interesting ride when you are with 2 guys in a car for 8 hours. Somewhere between the confederate flags and the deer signs and the cow fields I knew I wasn't in LA anymore. LJ called this the drama side of the family and he wasn't kidding. The bride and groom were really sweet. I only wish them a happy life.

When we went to see LJ's family for Christmas last year I was lucky enough to get sick then too. I wonder if his mom ever thinks "this sickly girl".  The more I get to know LJ's mom the more I realize that we think a lot a like. The funny thing is that LJ and my mom think a lot alike too. When LJ went to go run an errand his mom and I touched a sticky subject that I have an opinion on but I thought I was the only one. LJ has a little brother CJ who is a year older than me. He's a nice enough guy gives me a hard time. LJ tells me that its because his little brother is threatened by the fact that LJ and I have such a close relationship.  Anyway CJ has a girlfriend that he has been on and off for 2 1/2 years. His gf lets call her SS is a nice enough girl, smart, pretty. She has been nothing but gracious and kind towards me. The bad thing is that for some odd reason she just drives me up the wall. Maybe it's b/c she is pretentious without a clue. 

When LJ's mom and I were talking she pointed out that she didn't know why CJ was with SS if they will never get married. CJ has told his mom that he has thought about moving back to the Northwest and giving up life here in SoCal. SS has just earned a graduate degree and has stated that she will take a job wherever (i.e East Coast) she can get one. When LJ and I were talking about going up North to see his family and he mentioned CJ was coming and so was SS the first thing out of my mouth was "Why is she coming? It's not like they are gonna be together." LJ has even made comments starting with" I hope CJ's next girlfriend...".  Maybe it's because we are on the outside and not looking in. Then again you never know what goes on behind closed doors .  I really shouldn't care as much, yet I do. It will work it's self out no matter what LJ, LJ's Mom or I think.


It doesn't count as indecent exposure...

If I didn't know I was doing it! LJ and I are going to a wedding leaving tomorrow to BFE Nor Cal. I in general am not good on road trips because I get carsick and I fall asleep. 10 hours in a car with LJ and his brother should be interesting.
Anyway I forgot with said wedding trip that we would be in the water for the first 2 days on a boat working on our tans (or sun burns). So I did what any respectable girl would do and scheduled a wax appointment. I haven't been able to find anyone near home so I have to go near my office. My office being 20 miles from home and my appointment being an hour after I get off from work. With that said I was freaking out that I didn't have time to go home and take a shower like I normally would. Then I get this bright idea to take a shower at the gym.
One of the main perks of going to my gym is that they provide everything including towels. So I go to the gym passing a fire truck and an ambulance in front of the building, walk into the locker room drop off my stuff at my locker, walk over to get my towel which is next to the bathrooms. I see a bunch of people in the bathroom area of the locker room but it doesn't click in my head that there is anything going on. I walk back to my locker get undressed walk back through said bathroom area to get to the showers I see a couple of people glance over and I keep walking. Right when I am about to close my shower curtain a girl rushes up to me and says " you do realize there are a bunch of paramedics in the ladies locker room right?" D'oh! Those were the eyes that looked up at me! Hello firefighters!
Apparently there was a lady with a heart attack or something. They are lucky they didn't get a second case.
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