Week 1+

So back at it again.... trying to drop some pounds. This time I have a little more help since I am not relying soley on my cooking abilities b/c either I would starve or I would go back to eating out. I have been without fast food for almost 2 weeks and have had the bf cooking dinners for me. Honestly, I do feel alot better than I have felt in a while. Since I have started I have lost 6.5 lbs. Which makes me a little excited. Can't wait to drop some more. :)

In other news... we moved offices this past week. Not a big move just from one floor to another. More annoying than anything else. Nice to have some new faces in the office. Everything seems a little more spaced so we dont have people working on top of each other anymore.

I have been shopping like crazy for no apparrent reason. Well except for jackets. The thing about living in Southern California no one ever thinks its cold around here. What most people dont understand that cold is relative. If it is 58 degrees in Southern California we are cold. If it is 58 degrees in Idaho its time to bust out the shorts and flip flops. Its like a meat locker in my office today.



So last night I did one of the most difficult things I have had to do in my life. It was something discussed, mulled over and even thought about not doing it at all. But I knew if I wanted to have good karma and not hate myself in later years I had to do it. Especially if I didn't want anyone else to have to experience the same. At the end I felt relieved and better on the inside for so many reasons and totally glad I went through with it. Thank you God.


Babies and things...

I love babies! No, not because I want to have one anytime soon but I came to the realization over the weekend that I have not been in the presence of one for a long time. I went to my parents house for a bbq and one of their friends had a squirming bundle of joy with them. Then I realized all of my friends kids are about 3-4 years olds. Still in the cute stage but they don't smell like babies or taste like chicken anymore.

Then I realized I will have a squishy bundle of joy here in November when my best friend is due. I am planning the baby shower along with another co-host. *smile* Overspoiled child here I come!


Friends in Low Places.

Lately I have been having some conflicting thoughts on those I call friends. For example there are those that we call friends who have ulterior motives. Even when they are the shoulder you cry on sometimes they are just waiting for you to drop your guard so they can take advantage of your vulnerability. Then there are the other friends who actually mean no harm but they are succubus' by nature. Maybe it's time I start letting them drop.

A Little Excitement

So the last couple of weeks and the next couple of weeks are going to be full of some fun times. I am getting in touch with my inner-white trash (I'm not even white!). Anyway, yesterday the girls and I made our confirmations for Rodeo weekend out in *yeee haaa!* Parker, AZ. It doesn't sound like the most glamourous thing ever but it sure is a hella lotta fun. Mix up a couple of girls, cowboys and drinks on the side of the river and you know its gonna be a good time.