A Contest!

Edit: Extended Contest to get some more entries, please tell your friends.

With my move from a small house to a really big house there has been a lot of decorating to do. Out of my garage came out a huge picture frame that holds 30 5x7 pics that has never been used. Originally I was thinking of doing a bunch of pics of my friends and family but I wanted something more interesting. This is where you come in.

For the contest I would like you and anyone else you know to send me pictures of random pretty/cute/funny things. Pics from a place you have visited or where you live. Your adorable dog. A picture of your awesome shoes! The only thing I don't think would work is people. It would be hard to explain to my friends and family why I have pictures of people I don't know on my wall. Unless I know you then that's cool too. These will all be printed and put in the frame in the living room. Please submit your own pictures and not something you found off the Internet.

To enter:

Send me a picture to starchase83(at)me.com. Multiple entries are accepted.

The prize for picture I like best: $50 Target Gift card.

To rally up some support:

1. Tell your friends about the contest via twitter and include my @starchase83 so I know. (1 entry).
2. Become a follower of my blog (1 entry).
3. Write a post about my contest on your blog and send me a link back via the comments or e-mail. (2 entries).

This winner will be picked at random. Prize for this is: $20 Starbucks gift card.

This contest ends August 31st at 10pm PST.


Like My Mom Says....

"Luz de la calle, escuridad de su casa"

which translates to:

"Light of street darkness of your own house."

I did my very first guest post over at http://www.lifeofabusywife.com/

come show some love!

See ya'll Monday!


The one where Janet Jackson is my drunken bff and Miley Cirus is a *#%W#()

You know you've been exposed to too much social media when you start dreaming about it. I can't remember the last time I dreamt about anyone outside of my immediate friends and family or even blogland people.

Over the weekend I had a dream about Janet Jackson. We were at a charity event together where I was supposed to bring a banana peel to honor the organization the charity was for. I was introduced to Janet and she all of a sudden became all BFF with me and was chugalluging her booze. And she was wearing that outfit where she had the "costume malfunction". There was another guy who introduced himself as Sam somethingoranother and I didn't know he was a celebrity rapper. Which isn't too surprising considering I listen to country. Miley Cirus was on the otherside screaming at an assistant to get her a latte and being a total bitch and giving us the stink-eye for no apparent reason.

The next scene is us sitting front row on a catwalk and Janet wont STFU. And then Sam's name is said by the MC and he starts mumbling that he is not going up there and he is definatetly not performing. Janet is starting to slide off her chair and is yelling something about "I want those kids. I don't know why my mom got those kids and the damn money! Those are my kids and my money!" The models start coming down the runway and one of them passes out in front of Janet from being so starved and instead of people helping the model they are all trying to calm down Janet. I am looking after the model and Janet is screaming at me that she wants me to take her to her moms to pick up the kids. I tell her she is out of her mind and I am not driving her out to LA from Newport and she can spend the night at my house to get her shit together.

Yeah, crazy dream. Anyone care to share?


I didn't know I was related to Jerry Springer

When a sibling of your significant other tells you they want to come visit its normally a good thing right? LJ's sister wants to come visit in a couple of weeks which I am totally cool with. Everyone in the family has given me prewarnings of not getting to close to her because she is crazy as hell. The handful of times I have met her she seems really nice and I don't see any reason why we should have her over.

I know that there is drama going on with her mom (whom I speak with) about her new bf (a guy twice her age), while I don't necessarily agree with her choice of bf, I do understand. I remember being 20 and doing dumb things that seemed like a good idea at the time. Not as far as she has gone but you know enough to understand. From everything I've heard from both sides of the fence the fued is getting pretty nasty and I said to both LJ's sis and mom that I am on the fence and I am not picking sides. I told LJ's sis that if I think her new bf is a douchebag, that's becuase I think he is a douchebag not because of what her mom said.

So lets hope for a happy home full of sunshine and puppies when the time comes.

LA you're not my home but a nice place to visit

When people outside of California ask me where I am from I always say LA. It's easier than explaining that I am from a small beach community 20-3o miles south of LA. I got transfered out to 90210 back in February and have been adjusting ever since. I now live in Orange County as most like to refer to "The OC" which is about 45 miles into LA. Most people tell me I am out of my mind to do the commute and I mostly agree. So I finally decided to catch the train into work.

Before taking the train I was really worried I would get really carsick. I am no good at being a passenger. I need to have the air on at all times. I have to stop and pullover on really curvy roads. Even on the train its still a 2 hour commute each way. What does a carsick girl do on a train? I can't read which would be the best thing for me. Any ideas besides the ipod?

It felt like it was the first day of school riding the train, because you know that its the same people that see each other everyday and can tell when there is a newbie in the mix. I met some nice people on the train and LJ always tells me I can make a brickwall talk and sure enough I did. I also made friends with the bus driver who gave me pointers to make my commute a little shorter.

The other thing that I noticed while I was on the train and generally notice when I take funky ways home to avoid traffic is that there are a lot of cool things going on in the city. I just found out that Legally Blonde has a musical! I am absolutely in love with Reese Witherspoon and although she is not the one doing the musical just because she is related to it is enough to make me go watch it. That and I love pink! There are interesting places to eat all over the city some I have heard of, some I have to Yelp to figure out if they are good and other places I am willing to try just to say I did. I don't think I could ever live in the actual city although I say I could live in San Francisco if given the chance. It's just too busy and crowded for me. I may not have the most interesting neighbors that I want to be BFF with but at least they have their space and I have mine.

Oh and in related LA news, I had my first Junior League social last week. It was a lot of fun. One of the girls I met mentioned that the place we had our meeting was kind of like a sorority house (name and all!) and if we had to pose to take a picture it was a soririty for women. Sure enough we had to pose! I ran into some of the same people i met at the open house and new faces too. A lot of the people who just joined are not from California and you can tell by the way they talk are how nice they are. Not saying us Californians or really Southern Californians aren't nice just different. I am so looking forward to getting to explore the city with all the JL girls and forging new friendships with like-minded women. Anyone else doing Junior League in your city?

P.S.: I want a puppy! Especially since I am living in a house that comes with a built in puppy door!