LA you're not my home but a nice place to visit

When people outside of California ask me where I am from I always say LA. It's easier than explaining that I am from a small beach community 20-3o miles south of LA. I got transfered out to 90210 back in February and have been adjusting ever since. I now live in Orange County as most like to refer to "The OC" which is about 45 miles into LA. Most people tell me I am out of my mind to do the commute and I mostly agree. So I finally decided to catch the train into work.

Before taking the train I was really worried I would get really carsick. I am no good at being a passenger. I need to have the air on at all times. I have to stop and pullover on really curvy roads. Even on the train its still a 2 hour commute each way. What does a carsick girl do on a train? I can't read which would be the best thing for me. Any ideas besides the ipod?

It felt like it was the first day of school riding the train, because you know that its the same people that see each other everyday and can tell when there is a newbie in the mix. I met some nice people on the train and LJ always tells me I can make a brickwall talk and sure enough I did. I also made friends with the bus driver who gave me pointers to make my commute a little shorter.

The other thing that I noticed while I was on the train and generally notice when I take funky ways home to avoid traffic is that there are a lot of cool things going on in the city. I just found out that Legally Blonde has a musical! I am absolutely in love with Reese Witherspoon and although she is not the one doing the musical just because she is related to it is enough to make me go watch it. That and I love pink! There are interesting places to eat all over the city some I have heard of, some I have to Yelp to figure out if they are good and other places I am willing to try just to say I did. I don't think I could ever live in the actual city although I say I could live in San Francisco if given the chance. It's just too busy and crowded for me. I may not have the most interesting neighbors that I want to be BFF with but at least they have their space and I have mine.

Oh and in related LA news, I had my first Junior League social last week. It was a lot of fun. One of the girls I met mentioned that the place we had our meeting was kind of like a sorority house (name and all!) and if we had to pose to take a picture it was a soririty for women. Sure enough we had to pose! I ran into some of the same people i met at the open house and new faces too. A lot of the people who just joined are not from California and you can tell by the way they talk are how nice they are. Not saying us Californians or really Southern Californians aren't nice just different. I am so looking forward to getting to explore the city with all the JL girls and forging new friendships with like-minded women. Anyone else doing Junior League in your city?

P.S.: I want a puppy! Especially since I am living in a house that comes with a built in puppy door!

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