Where to begin.....

I haven't said this publicly in blogland but I am moving. Actually let me correct that.... WE ARE MOVING. Yes, you heard it here first (or secondly) LJ and I will be co-habitating. This has actaully been a long time coming but something have changed around here that gave us (me) the final kick to do it. *Edit: We moved, this post has been sitting in draft so long that the move happened Sunday last week!*

Last October I was actually looking to buy a home of my own. I had a real estate agent a pre-approval and MLS lists all over my desks at all times. Then there was an announcement of a merger for the company I work for and it scared me. This isn't my first time at the rodeo. Since I've been with the company I've gone through 5 mergers and 4 relocations (in less than 6 years). Whenever I hear merger my initial thought is "Oh crap, who's getting laid off?" In this case my initial thought was "Oh crap, I can't buy a house anymore!" And I was right. I could have... but it would have sucked and I would be broke with all the changes in income that came with the turn of the economy and merger. I think it worked out for the best because I would have been settling for what I could afford vs. what I wanted vs. what we could afford and vs. what we both wanted. My bf owns his own business and I didn't want to come with empty pockets to the table when we got married.

LJ is expanding his business (yes, even in this economy) and needs to be close to his office at all times because he runs the show. I currently live 15 miles from him and work an additional 35 miles the opposite way. So the compromise? I move closer to him/his office. Weird right? He moved the office to be close to train station for (for me) and all the house stuff will be taken care of. So dinner will be made when I get home, yay! The house cleaning stuff is already being taken care of except for certain things I like to do myself. I've made the drive already and its actually about 90 miles to work roundtrip because I take the least trafficy way. I will be on the train by next month at the latest.

About the house.... We are moving into a real house which is nice. I live in a duplex and having the adjoining wall is a bit much. The new house is a 3 bed, 2 bath with a pool, jacuzzi and a built-in bbq. There is also a flat-screen outside you can watch from the sitting area and the jacuzzi which I think is cool. We also purchased a projector for the family room this weekend and are looking for a 100" screen. The house is mostly unpacked except for the important things like the guest room. The guest room also doubles as my closet/craft area which I am super excited about (or will be at least once its all set up and have all the furniture in.) We have people coming out TOMORROW and I still haven't finished the room. Oops!

I will have pictures of the house up hopefully sometime next week once all the boxes are moved out of the way and I still need to buy a lot of decorating stuff. My walls are pretty barren at this point and the kitchen looks like Christmas sort of. We will be painting to say the least. Oh and of course I will show everyone the new home for the shoes!

So who's coming to visit me and the pool?

Oh and I keep running into Larry King in the parking lot next to work... is that weird?


Jess said...

Yay, so exciting! Congrats!

Lexilooo said...


Goddess Adrasteia said...

I thought I saw you tweet about moving but I thought I read that wrong. Congratulations and even though the drive sucks, the time you get to spend in paradise will be that much sweeter!

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