Waste of a Weekend

I have done absolutely nothing this weekend. It's not too out of the norm but at the same time I find it a little sad that I have done absolutely nothing with myself, including laundry. I feel blah.


My Stripper Song

Your Stipper Song Is
Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot
"So Cosmo says you're fatWell I ain't down with that!'Cause your waist is small and your curves are kickin'"
You've got a boomin' body, and you're not afraid to show it off.
What Song Should You Strip To?


Everything but the chips!

So I was online a couple of days ago and was browing blogs and I came across Resolution 2006 and it made me think about my dieting habits. So in an effort to you know actually have a healthier year I actually went food shopping! Yes, I stepped into a grocery store for something other than alcohol! Everyone says its cheaper to make your own lunch than to go out to eat everyday. Not when you have lunch down to a science of $2.46. So I went and bought food for a week and blew about 40 bucks. It was all healthy stuff and I thought I did pretty well for the day even with non-fat yogurt. Then I had my moment of my of weakness. Doritos. Small snack size bag. All gone. Back to the drawing board.


It was "after"noon right?

I am making more of an effort to hang out with my girlfriends nowadays and so 4 of us went out to brunch this morning. The service was horrible but if you got breakfast you got Champagne with your meal. The service was so horrible that we drank about 3 bottles. But it was after noon right?


So this is what it means to be a girl

It's something I do every 2 week and for the most part I enjoy it but looking at it from the outside, it is actually a pain in the butt! I get my eyebrows, nails and toes done every 2 weeks, my lip done every 4 weeks a hair cut every 6 weeks and a brazillian wax every blue moon. And every once in a while all these weeks align and I have to get this all done in one weekend. This weekend I got my eyebrows, lip and nails and toes done. I also managed to squeeze in a hair cut and a tune up and oil change. Managed to get some food in me and get my boyfriend a hair cut. I feel a little exhausted.

Off to dinner!


My Boyfriend Does Gay Porn...

and he swears he's straight! Kidding, I know he is straight. He just got a gig doing editing work for gay porn. As long as he is not in studio it's alright. He had asked me a couple of days ago if it was okay. I thought he was joking about it so I said it was fine. Today he interviewed and actually got the job. I really can't be too upset about it (actually kinda happy about it) especially because he is making a decent day rate. Alright honey, we can supersize now!


Ol' New Years Resolutions

*Lose Weight: let's see how far I get with this one.
*Make more friends: you know the kind to galavant with and have a good time.
*Stay in School: This is one of those long drawn out things.
*See the headshrinker: per my doctor. Maybe he is right.