Unfinished questions

picked up at caterwauling:

1. I’ve come to realize that my last kiss was… a bit rushed. I wish we had a little more time to linger.
2. I am listening to… background jazz and me typing.
3. I talk… very fast.
4. I love… myself.
5. My best friends… are people I have known since I was a kid. We have seen each other grow and change into the fabulous people we are today.
6. My Car… gets me from point a to point b. It's nice but its not my "dream" car. I have more of a priority to buy a house than another new car.
7. My love life… for the time being is chugging along. At other times it's torn me down.
8. I hate it when people ask… too many responses. We will leave it at that.
9. I want to… be healthier.
10. Marriage is… something I will do once I meet the right person. I only want to do it once.
11. Somewhere, someone is thinking… I wonder whatever happen to that girl with the long hair?
12. I’m always… looking for the next shoe.
13. I have a secret crush on… someone that I know better than to have one on.
15. My cell phone… is broken. Waiting for my new one to be shipped. I feel so lost without hip to ear communication. Almost tempted to get the iPhone just b/c I am upgrading my computer as well. I just don't want to go to AT&T.
16. When I wake up in the morning… I wish I had a couple of more minutes in bed.
17. Before I go to bed I… I count my blessings, say a prayer.
18. Right now I am thinking about… how hard it is to pick out a flat screen. You would think it woul be fun getting a new electronic but its actually making my head hurt.
19. Babies are… planned for the future. After buying a house and getting married. Damn me for being tradtional!
20. I get on MySpace… to check my messages. I rarely ever comment.
21. Today I… am picking up my beach cruiser.
22. Tonight I will… have dinner made for me. :)
23. Tomorrow I will… get to ride my new bike and do a litle shopping.
24. I really want to… have it all. Why not?
25. Someone who will most likely repost this… nobody. Not too many people read my blog.


Hitting the big time....

I've been working like crazy for the past couple of weeks barely even noticing summer had begun. I had an epiphany since then and thought back to what I was doing a year ago and man have the times changed.

At the beginning of last summer I was under the impression I was going to lose my job. The over thinker/analyzer/minor OCD'er that I am, I started figuring out my next step career wise. It's funny I say career b/c this still being my early 20's I shouldn't be facing the fact that I may get rolled under a corporate lay off, but I digress. So considering the field I am in I went in to get further licensing. I could have gotten my licensing from some rink-a-dink school kind of like going to driving school with bad jokes, but I decided to go to an institution of higher learning. The hours were brutal 4 days a week, 4 hours a day for the whole summer. On top of my 40+ hour job and handling a household including a child (not mine). The only thing I remember was leaving the office to make it to class and seeing the beautiful 72 degree evenings go to waste. It made me so sad.

So this year considering my "career" is back on track and true I really should be back at the 4 year, I decided to take the summer off. I remember I hated everything last summer b/c I had no time for any fun. I will be back in school in the fall *kicking and screaming*, b/c I can't not finish. I am still working on my house; this is the fun month were I am pimping out my house with the flat screens, the new computer, a new camera and some wireless additions. I realized I have been busting my arse my whole adult life and I barely have any fun to show for it. It's time for me to get a life and have some fun and quit worrying/working so much. Not to say that I am about to drop everything I have going on right now an go follow a band or anything. But hell I need a vacation! Even if the vacation is from within.

So here is to me starting a vaction within my life instead of hoping to get out of my life and start a vacation then. *cheers!*

P.S.: I made Lemon Chicken and herb rice this week. Next week...meat sauce and pasta.


Watch out folks... hell may be freezing over!!!

So last night I got on some whim and offered to COOK DINNER. Not only did I offer, I ACTUALLY DID IT. I called my friend Andy to help me with ideas. Not b/c I can't cook (as I tell everyone I can't) just b/c I actually needed to cook something healthy. I ended up making Keilbasa (sp?) with veggies in a tomato jalapeno sauce. Oh and some whole wheat pasta. Made enough for dinner for 2 and 2 lunches for me.

Wanna hear the scary thing? I somewhat enjoyed it. My gf called me when I was cleaning up the kitchen and she asked me what I was doing and I told her "If I tell you, you won't believe me." She automatically said cooking. I dunno people... This is the beginning of something scary. Me enjoying cooking? The only thing it made me notice is that either my stupid ex took a lot of my cooking stuff or that its still in the garage waiting to be unpacked. Either way... I think if this keeps up I would upgrade to nicer stuff anyway. The nice stuff I had he treated like crap anyway. Like my new platinum rimmed dishes and heavy silver set are things I have acquired since the split and God forbid I would let him get his hands on it.

On the rest of the domestic front. I think my vacuum cleaner is cute and I bought this really cool frame that holds 30- 4"x6" pictures. I dunno if I should fill it with pictures I took for art purposes or if I should fill it with pictures of friends and family. What I may end up doing is buying a second frame (first one for my 2nd/room office, second for my dining or living room) and filling the first one with artistic black and whites and the one that everyone sees with pics of friends and family in color. Something like that.

Next stop... white sale!



It's finally Friday :) I am just counting the hours till I get to go home and start my weekend.

Emotionally, I am a little more stabilized. Almost on an upswing really. Even with saying that I fear that I might screw myself. I still worry constantly accross the board. Really I have nothing to worry about that can't be taken care of quite easily. I have had a couple of revelations within the last couple of weeks that have put some issues to rest or have left me at peace.

Lets hope it stays this way.


Poor Muppets

'What" will your obituary say?' at QuizGalaxy.com

Can't think....

I've been trying to come up with something interesting to say for a couple of days for anyone who follows this thing but this is just a few thoughts that have passed through my brain (that i didn't twitter)

  1. Guys shouldn't have tramp stamps. Just not sexy.
  2. Bras suck.
  3. Going to a Dodgers vs. Angels game this weekend and I have fabulous seats.
  4. My sibling is getting old... he is going to be 27 on Sunday. Yay him!
  5. Work is slowing down... which is good for the summer.
  6. The thought of going back to school in the fall = :(
  7. I am a vodka girl for a reason... b/c piss water beer gives me a nasty headache.
  8. Just b/c I am drunk doesn't make you that much cuter or me that much stupider that I would want to sleep with you.
  9. Flatscreen TV here I come!
  10. I am thinking of checking out the yoga studio right around the corner from my house. Get off my bum!