Can't think....

I've been trying to come up with something interesting to say for a couple of days for anyone who follows this thing but this is just a few thoughts that have passed through my brain (that i didn't twitter)

  1. Guys shouldn't have tramp stamps. Just not sexy.
  2. Bras suck.
  3. Going to a Dodgers vs. Angels game this weekend and I have fabulous seats.
  4. My sibling is getting old... he is going to be 27 on Sunday. Yay him!
  5. Work is slowing down... which is good for the summer.
  6. The thought of going back to school in the fall = :(
  7. I am a vodka girl for a reason... b/c piss water beer gives me a nasty headache.
  8. Just b/c I am drunk doesn't make you that much cuter or me that much stupider that I would want to sleep with you.
  9. Flatscreen TV here I come!
  10. I am thinking of checking out the yoga studio right around the corner from my house. Get off my bum!

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