I just love ketchup... but here is the catch-up:
  1. Chances are you won't lose weight if you inhaled 3 burgers in a week.
  2. When things are going really well it scares me.
  3. I am coming to the realization that I used to be very ahead of the game but now I think my age is starting to catch up with my accomplishments and I wonder if I being a slacker.
  4. I don't like everyone.
  5. I don't think everyone likes me.
  6. For the money I make I still have no idea where it goes. That is really bad. I could probably support a small Ethiopian family on my wasting on food.
  7. I am already starting to dread the holidays. Not for any particular reason or person.... just I don't do well around the holidays.
  8. So many gadgets, so little time.
  9. I miss having a dog.
  10. I think I am still missing.

Will post again soon.


I'm not sure where I am going with this post, but....

Lets see how much I can say without completely outing myself. My bf was out of town for the last 8 days and this was our first time apart. He stayed through our anniversary, you remember those honeymoon days when 3 months was a big deal? I knew I would miss him and I figured eventually he would miss me but seriously I didn't think it would be to the level it was. He is Mr. I-am-a-tough-man and not always great with showing emotion he broke within 2-3 days. I guess being apart does make the heart grow fonder. When we saw each other last night it was like he had been away for months not just 8 days. We stayed up till 3 in the morning talking.

The other thing I found out was that his whole family knows about me now. I knew he had told his Mom a few months back and I figured that was the extent of it. On top of that his mom heard him say that he loves me on one of our phone calls and she called him out on it. I don't know what I expected him to do... but he told his mom that he loves me and she responded back that she is happy for him. Maybe its just me with my anxiety but now I am worried that she is just calculating something in the back of her mind. I need to get over it. I think it's just because of all the other bad experiences I have had with parents I freak myself out. Maybe she is genuinely happy for us. I guess we will find out as time passes. We talked about forever. Forever is a possibility. Forever with him doesn't scare me. I say this now in month 3, lets see how I feel in month 6.


It's funny...

When you hear someone lying through their teeth. I wonder if they realize that they are lying or if they really believe their own BS. I know the real truth. I knew it was bad since day one. Waiting for this bomb to explode. Here before, here after. que sera sera.