I just love ketchup... but here is the catch-up:
  1. Chances are you won't lose weight if you inhaled 3 burgers in a week.
  2. When things are going really well it scares me.
  3. I am coming to the realization that I used to be very ahead of the game but now I think my age is starting to catch up with my accomplishments and I wonder if I being a slacker.
  4. I don't like everyone.
  5. I don't think everyone likes me.
  6. For the money I make I still have no idea where it goes. That is really bad. I could probably support a small Ethiopian family on my wasting on food.
  7. I am already starting to dread the holidays. Not for any particular reason or person.... just I don't do well around the holidays.
  8. So many gadgets, so little time.
  9. I miss having a dog.
  10. I think I am still missing.

Will post again soon.


Anonymous said...

I don't do well during the holidays either BUT for a particular reason...lack of men! I think you would enjoy some of my own funny stories since yours cracked me up. Check out http://www.jennycurl.com

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