Giddy Like A School Girl!

From time to time you take people, places things for granted until you no longer have them. Not saying that I necessarily did not appreciate my BF but I got used to the fact that I got to see him everyday. At worse I would see him every other day. I have not seen him since Sunday early evening and I am finally getting to see him tomorrow afternoon. I am soooo happy! I really miss him!


Mel Needs....

I saw this somewhere else and I thought it was a joke.... but its pretty funny.... type your name in to Google and write your name andd the word needs, ex: "Mel needs" and see what pops up. In my case here are the funniest ones:

Mel Needs.... more balls. (My own, or someone elses?)
Mel Needs.... a damn good f**k. (I am serious this one came up)
Mel Needs... you! (and you! and you! and you!)
Mel Needs... this guys endorsement. (who guy? what guy is that important to me?)

And for the twist.....
Imelda... needs a new pair of shoes! (Finally the internet speaks truth!)
Imelda... need her boyfriend for his young, active lifestyle. (Any comments on this?)

Check yours and let me know!


I may have insomnia again?

Maybe not, I just havent been on a normal sleep schedule. The BF is working over-nighters this week and when we are not in the same bed I can't sleep. Is that sweet or pathetic? Also one of my friends had me take her to the ER for a some-what emergency that she could have taken care of earlier in the day. So I think I am just out of whack.
I had a lovely day today.... I got a shot in the foot for the plantar's foot I have going (isn't that sexy?) and I had my teeth poked at by the dentist and then I had blood drawn by a stranger. I also added another class to my schedule. I will now be in school 4 days a week from 7-10. Woo Hoo! I think I may have to start drinking coffee again. Also I found out from someone from the our coroporate office that work will be picking up again.... which is good financially but that means I am gonna be beat up from now till Christmas. But 8 more units out of the way! You know I have to look at the bright side of this , b/c otherwise I dont know how I am going to drag through. Wish me luck with school everyone!


What I should be doing... what I am doing....

So yesterday I woke up around 6AM and I dragged my ass to work. I finished work a little before 6. Nothing special about the the day, dragging as usual. I then go to class. I have been averaging an A for the semester and we just had our first mid-term and I got a B. I am actually disappointed. It's only the first mid-term... there is another one before the final, hopefully I will get my grade up. Then again I am just stoked that I have even gotten it that high for the fact that it is a math class. After class, I then proceeded to drive to Burbank. I got there at 10:30 at a somewhat breakneck speed and getting lost out in the BFE. The BF was supposed to be out of work around that time but didnt end up wrapping up till almost 1 in the mornin'. Oh joy! Back home (well Bf's home). So total driving for one day.... N. Long Beach, Santa Ana, Burbank, N. Long Beach. Please shoot me.

So one day of this sh*t should tell me to take it easy. I am one day. I even cancelled my plans for tonight so I could sit on my ass tonight-but tomorrow.... Hollywood! Why? B/c the bf is working on some charity event show with Santana and am I'm not gonna say no to a free show. I invited a girl from my math class.... but she didnt realize it was going to be so late. I have a feeling she is going to bail. Oh well shit happens. So I should be resting but instead I am here. Online. Not sleeping.


Did Hell Freeze Over?

Columbus Day, woo hoo! My office gave us a 4 day weekend vs. the 3 day weekend that only some other people have. I guess that's one of the perks for working in the industry I work in, more days off! Just the fact that they randomly gave us an extra day had me question the temperature of Hell.