Mel Needs....

I saw this somewhere else and I thought it was a joke.... but its pretty funny.... type your name in to Google and write your name andd the word needs, ex: "Mel needs" and see what pops up. In my case here are the funniest ones:

Mel Needs.... more balls. (My own, or someone elses?)
Mel Needs.... a damn good f**k. (I am serious this one came up)
Mel Needs... you! (and you! and you! and you!)
Mel Needs... this guys endorsement. (who guy? what guy is that important to me?)

And for the twist.....
Imelda... needs a new pair of shoes! (Finally the internet speaks truth!)
Imelda... need her boyfriend for his young, active lifestyle. (Any comments on this?)

Check yours and let me know!

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