I've been in the shadows too long

I read a lot of blogs and normally never comment. I wonder if anybody reads my blog and doesn't leave comments. Anyway I've been on blogger for a couple of months now and when I first started on here I was bored and started reading "random blogs." I came accross this one and have for one reason or another been adddicted. Possibly because it feeds my slight OCD that I check on stuff constanstantly and this writer updates daily if not every once in a while a couple of times a day. Or the fact that in some ways we are similar but in different stages of our lives. Anyway, heres to you Dawn... You rock! In appreciation of your Music meme I am posting mine. I don't do WMP but I have a 30GB Ipod.

So the trick is to put your player on Shuffle and have it answer those burning questions for you. Kinda like those magic 8-balls we had in middle school (Yeah, you know what I am talking about). Mine might be a little skewed b/c I hope my life really isnt like 6000 sad country songs (of the 7800 in my ipod).

Here goes.....

How does the world see ou?
"I'm That Kinda Girl" -Patty Loveless

Will I have a happy life?
"Been There"- Clint Black

What do my friends really think of me?
"Treat Me Right (I'm Yours For Life)"- Joss Stone

Do people secretly lust after me?
"The Right Kinda Wrong" - LeAnn Rimes

How can I make myself happy?
"Everyday is a Monday"- Laura Pausini

What should I do with my life?
"Trying to Survive"- Montgomery Gentry

Will I ever have children?
"With Out You" - Vince Gill

Editors Note: That is slightly disturbing... b/c that is my current situation. So I guess the next question is....

Will I ever physically bear a child?
"Hold on to God" - Dwight Yoakam

I guess that answers that.

What is some good advice for me?
"The Wild Side of Life"- Pearl Jam

How will I be remembered?
"The Heartaches Are Free"- Dwight Yoakam

What is my signature song?
"To Make You Feel My Love"- Garth Brooks

What do I think my current theme song is?
"In a Different Light" - Doug Stone

What does everyone else thinks my current theme song is?
"Pump It" - Black Eyed Peas

What song will play at my funeral?
"How Long Gone" - Brooks & Dunn

Very Strange, b/c its somewhat appropriate:

I keep thinkin' any minute you'll be comin' home honey
I aint seen nothin' of you in a month of Sundays
Tell me how long gone are you gonna be
All you said was you had to get goin'
Oh but baby I wouldnt mind knowin' just
How long gone are you gonna be
How am I supposed to make any plans
When I still dont even understand
If you're ever gonna come back home to me
How long gone are you gonna be
Maybe I didnt pay enough
I do believe you forgot to mention
Just how long gone are you gonna be
The phone aint ringin', cause you still aint callin'
I aint been hearin' your footsteps fallin'
Tell me how long gone are you gonna be
How am I supposed to make any plans
When I still dont even understand
If you're ever gonna come back home to me
Tell me pleaseHow long gone are you gonna be

What kind of men/women do I like?
"Little Devil" - John Michael Montgomery

What is my day going to be like?
"When You Say Nothing at All" - Allison Krauss

Should I not mention it's my Birthday today?

Now I gotta go make this into a playlist!


Blowing Out The Candles!

So in 3 days it's the holy day when yours truly was born. The big 2-3. I know for a lot of people it's not that big of a deal and in the scheme of things it's not that big of a deal for me either. The only thing it made me realize (of non-importance) is that: you know when you take those surveys for random things like when you buy a CD or you fill out a Cosmo survey they ask your age. I am in the last year of the 18-23 box. Does that mean I really am getting older? I don't feel older. I still feel like a lost kid with a lot to accomplish before I leave this earth.  Hell before I leave the office today or for forever (in a couple of months). I don't think I have gotten as far in life as I thought I would have. I remember when I was younger (say 16 or so) I thought I would be done with school at this point and moving on to the big corporate world. I have been in the corporate world about 5 years now and I am still not done in school. When I was about 19 I thought by 23 I would be married. The closest I have to that is a committed relationship. I guess I should be grateful that I am in a committed relationship and not committed to the nuthouse.

Expectation for the next year are slightly skewed and distorted. Since my whole "corporate monkey" life has been thrown into jeopardy I have no idea what to expect. I guess all I can hope for is my health and everyone's happiness. No matter how old I am I will always be a kid at heart.


At the end of the day....

When I started with the company I am with now it was a pretty small institution. We had less than 100 employees in our corporate office. In the 3 years that I have been here we have growing by leaps and bounds. Everyday has been filled with a new adventure of acquiring other institutions big and small. We have had growing pains like anybody else our employee base has gone from 100 to 500. From 1 corporate office to now 3. The joke about my department since we are no longer part of the corporate office that holds all the EVPs is that we are the "red headed step children."
It doesn't matter how hard you work, how many hours you spend… if anything it was probably our demise. If we are so great someone must want us right? My corporate office days are numbered. Sunday my company publicly announced that it was being bought out by a WAY bigger company. Some people didn't even have a chance to come into the office and hear the news, they heard about it on their way in to work. It has been surreal for the last couple of days. We should have seen it coming. There has been a lot of hush hush meetings, people just acting strangely and our files being "audited".
With all that said I don't know what my next step is. Aaron is suggesting I go back to school. This may be the life changing event that is going to push this decision. Funny, I thought I would leave this company before it would leave me.

Carpe diem.

*Bloggers Note: Aaron is not pushing the idea that I go back to school, but he is making it sound like a very good possiblity. I am enteraining the idea at this point b/c I know in the long run it is in the greater good.


Just call me Alvin!

I got my wisdom teeth removed on Friday and have been all drugged up ever since then. I look like a chimpmunk. This has been one of the worse weekends in a long time. I for some odd reason pick holidays to get surgeries done. Christmas eve a couple of years ago I got my tonsils out. This year wisdom teeth lets see what I do next year.


Cheap Beer & Hot Dogs!

Aaron, Patrick and I went to an Ice Dogs game last night. There was supposed to be cheap beer! There was no cheap beer! You had to get there by 7:30 to get the cheap beer otherwise it was 7.50. You can get at least a 6 pack with that kinda money! We had a pretty good time. The boys not true sports fans. I probably know more about sports than they do! GO LONG BEACH ICE DOGS!