I've been in the shadows too long

I read a lot of blogs and normally never comment. I wonder if anybody reads my blog and doesn't leave comments. Anyway I've been on blogger for a couple of months now and when I first started on here I was bored and started reading "random blogs." I came accross this one and have for one reason or another been adddicted. Possibly because it feeds my slight OCD that I check on stuff constanstantly and this writer updates daily if not every once in a while a couple of times a day. Or the fact that in some ways we are similar but in different stages of our lives. Anyway, heres to you Dawn... You rock! In appreciation of your Music meme I am posting mine. I don't do WMP but I have a 30GB Ipod.

So the trick is to put your player on Shuffle and have it answer those burning questions for you. Kinda like those magic 8-balls we had in middle school (Yeah, you know what I am talking about). Mine might be a little skewed b/c I hope my life really isnt like 6000 sad country songs (of the 7800 in my ipod).

Here goes.....

How does the world see ou?
"I'm That Kinda Girl" -Patty Loveless

Will I have a happy life?
"Been There"- Clint Black

What do my friends really think of me?
"Treat Me Right (I'm Yours For Life)"- Joss Stone

Do people secretly lust after me?
"The Right Kinda Wrong" - LeAnn Rimes

How can I make myself happy?
"Everyday is a Monday"- Laura Pausini

What should I do with my life?
"Trying to Survive"- Montgomery Gentry

Will I ever have children?
"With Out You" - Vince Gill

Editors Note: That is slightly disturbing... b/c that is my current situation. So I guess the next question is....

Will I ever physically bear a child?
"Hold on to God" - Dwight Yoakam

I guess that answers that.

What is some good advice for me?
"The Wild Side of Life"- Pearl Jam

How will I be remembered?
"The Heartaches Are Free"- Dwight Yoakam

What is my signature song?
"To Make You Feel My Love"- Garth Brooks

What do I think my current theme song is?
"In a Different Light" - Doug Stone

What does everyone else thinks my current theme song is?
"Pump It" - Black Eyed Peas

What song will play at my funeral?
"How Long Gone" - Brooks & Dunn

Very Strange, b/c its somewhat appropriate:

I keep thinkin' any minute you'll be comin' home honey
I aint seen nothin' of you in a month of Sundays
Tell me how long gone are you gonna be
All you said was you had to get goin'
Oh but baby I wouldnt mind knowin' just
How long gone are you gonna be
How am I supposed to make any plans
When I still dont even understand
If you're ever gonna come back home to me
How long gone are you gonna be
Maybe I didnt pay enough
I do believe you forgot to mention
Just how long gone are you gonna be
The phone aint ringin', cause you still aint callin'
I aint been hearin' your footsteps fallin'
Tell me how long gone are you gonna be
How am I supposed to make any plans
When I still dont even understand
If you're ever gonna come back home to me
Tell me pleaseHow long gone are you gonna be

What kind of men/women do I like?
"Little Devil" - John Michael Montgomery

What is my day going to be like?
"When You Say Nothing at All" - Allison Krauss

Should I not mention it's my Birthday today?

Now I gotta go make this into a playlist!


Dawn said...

With a brilliant heavy-rotation playlist like that, you sound like good people to me. ;) Best of luck with the blogging -- don't get too hung up on whether anyone is reading it because I assume nobody is until I see a comment like yours that makes my day.

And, I would be remiss if I didn't wish you a happy, happy birthday!!! I'd sing but seriously, you don't want to hear that. ;)

Mel said...

You know the funny thing is that I have been playing my Ipod on random and these songs keep coming up. And I am listening to the words and you know what? I really am "That kinda girl"