Had I posted your gift here...

would you know it? Probably not. If you read my blog every once in a while you would know what it was. Catch me on this, and I will tell you what it is. Good luck and God speed.


Oh Joy! Oh Joy! The Holidays!

Tis the season to blow your wad on all the people you love. I haven't celebrated the holidays with my family in 5 years. At least this year I am spending it with someone I love and not at the hospital or crying by myself b/c I have no one to spend it with.


School & Love

So I have been in school since August taking a math class which is worth 5 units. To add insult to injury I added on a late starting class (Accounting) that is another 3 units. Which doesnt sound that bad except for the fact that since its excelerated its 2 nights a week. So now I am in school 4 nights a week. It's just getting to me at this point. I am so ready for this semester to be over.

In other news November is a big month for us. BF and I are having our one year anniversary. We count it on the first night we went out drinking which by coincidence was on Thanksgiving last year. We were supposed to meet up at Liquid our local bar. They wouldn't let him in, so we ended up going to some really dank bar going farther into downtown on the same street. We ended up getting pretty toasted and singing Garth Brooks' "Friends in Low Places" and playing a horrible game of pool. The ironic thing about it is that at the time we were both in pretty low places. Who would have thought we would have ended up together in more than a platonic sense? It's been a year full of surprises, laughs and love to say the least. I am not saying that everything has been perfect or that we havent had our ups and downs but that the good definately outweigh the bads and that I wouldnt trade my new family for anything in the world.


Giddy Like A School Girl!

From time to time you take people, places things for granted until you no longer have them. Not saying that I necessarily did not appreciate my BF but I got used to the fact that I got to see him everyday. At worse I would see him every other day. I have not seen him since Sunday early evening and I am finally getting to see him tomorrow afternoon. I am soooo happy! I really miss him!


Mel Needs....

I saw this somewhere else and I thought it was a joke.... but its pretty funny.... type your name in to Google and write your name andd the word needs, ex: "Mel needs" and see what pops up. In my case here are the funniest ones:

Mel Needs.... more balls. (My own, or someone elses?)
Mel Needs.... a damn good f**k. (I am serious this one came up)
Mel Needs... you! (and you! and you! and you!)
Mel Needs... this guys endorsement. (who guy? what guy is that important to me?)

And for the twist.....
Imelda... needs a new pair of shoes! (Finally the internet speaks truth!)
Imelda... need her boyfriend for his young, active lifestyle. (Any comments on this?)

Check yours and let me know!


I may have insomnia again?

Maybe not, I just havent been on a normal sleep schedule. The BF is working over-nighters this week and when we are not in the same bed I can't sleep. Is that sweet or pathetic? Also one of my friends had me take her to the ER for a some-what emergency that she could have taken care of earlier in the day. So I think I am just out of whack.
I had a lovely day today.... I got a shot in the foot for the plantar's foot I have going (isn't that sexy?) and I had my teeth poked at by the dentist and then I had blood drawn by a stranger. I also added another class to my schedule. I will now be in school 4 days a week from 7-10. Woo Hoo! I think I may have to start drinking coffee again. Also I found out from someone from the our coroporate office that work will be picking up again.... which is good financially but that means I am gonna be beat up from now till Christmas. But 8 more units out of the way! You know I have to look at the bright side of this , b/c otherwise I dont know how I am going to drag through. Wish me luck with school everyone!


What I should be doing... what I am doing....

So yesterday I woke up around 6AM and I dragged my ass to work. I finished work a little before 6. Nothing special about the the day, dragging as usual. I then go to class. I have been averaging an A for the semester and we just had our first mid-term and I got a B. I am actually disappointed. It's only the first mid-term... there is another one before the final, hopefully I will get my grade up. Then again I am just stoked that I have even gotten it that high for the fact that it is a math class. After class, I then proceeded to drive to Burbank. I got there at 10:30 at a somewhat breakneck speed and getting lost out in the BFE. The BF was supposed to be out of work around that time but didnt end up wrapping up till almost 1 in the mornin'. Oh joy! Back home (well Bf's home). So total driving for one day.... N. Long Beach, Santa Ana, Burbank, N. Long Beach. Please shoot me.

So one day of this sh*t should tell me to take it easy. I am one day. I even cancelled my plans for tonight so I could sit on my ass tonight-but tomorrow.... Hollywood! Why? B/c the bf is working on some charity event show with Santana and am I'm not gonna say no to a free show. I invited a girl from my math class.... but she didnt realize it was going to be so late. I have a feeling she is going to bail. Oh well shit happens. So I should be resting but instead I am here. Online. Not sleeping.


Did Hell Freeze Over?

Columbus Day, woo hoo! My office gave us a 4 day weekend vs. the 3 day weekend that only some other people have. I guess that's one of the perks for working in the industry I work in, more days off! Just the fact that they randomly gave us an extra day had me question the temperature of Hell.


Will The Drive Kill Me?

Will the Drive Kill Me?

You would think after 4 years it is too little too late to be asking if the drive will kill me, but I am in a position where I have to start thinking about these things. I am actually considering leaving my place of employment for a number of reasons but the main reason in the change in my family life that is up coming at the beginning of the year. I will go from the typical single 20-something year old single/corporate lackey/student to the other type of typical girl- Mom. The kind who works all day and goes to school at night. No ladies and gents, I did not pop out a kid nor am I planning to in the near future. For those of you who do not know my significant other is the father of the cutest 3 year-old in the world. He is also a full-time father. The mother is not completely in the picture and in a nutshell: unstable.
So for the last month I have been calculating budgets and planning schedules and worrying who will be picking up the baby from Montessori and with my work schedule and school schedule that I would not be available to be around as much as I should be. After all that work, finances I have figured out. Well at least my half of the expenses and with this merger of homes I will be making out like a bandit. My Sig. Other will also be prospering well from the merger. There will be some displacements and some other moving pains but the overall run should be quite successful.

Overall, slightly stressful but in a good way.


When I grow up I want to be just like you!

I went to work today wearing a black sleeveless top that kinda hangs down at the boobs and khaki short pants and heels today. My hair was actually pretty manageble and I thought I was looking kinda cute. Then I realized that I dressed exactly like my boss did on Friday. I can't even dress myself without being corporate... that's sad!


Tequila makes her clothes come off.

I had tequila. My clothes came off. Everyone had a happy ending. Just thought I would share.


I don't like being sick

I actually came home from work early today because I wasn't feeling well. I never leave early! I am considering not going to work tomorrow. Sometimes I think I am a work-aholic. I am at work at least 10 hours of the day including lunch plus the commute. Maybe its some form of sick torture.


What I Love About Sundays & What I Don't

There is a a country song called "What I love about Sunday", so in the spirit of the day here is my list:

I Love:
*having a day off from work.
*brunch with my friends.
*going swimming.
*going to church (on those spiritual days I actually feel like going not on the days I am forced to).
*Starbucks (even though I don't drink coffee).
*being able to lay in bed all day and have a Sex and the City Marathon or some other chick flick
marathon that I wouldn't be caught dead doing any other day of the week.
*Sunday night "Animation Domination" on Fox.

What I don't love about sundays:
*cleaning the toilet.
*cleaning the cat box (how can such a cute little creature let out such big **** bombs?)
*oh man, I hate doing laundry. Not for the actual act of doing laundry but the 4 flights of stairs
and putting it all away.
*seeing the 'rents.
*having all the places that you need to have open to conduct business closed on your one of 2
days off.

Short list. Anyone care to add?

Who Want's My Cat?

I love my cat... but the *ucker is nuts! I am not sure if it's because he is barely out of kittenhood or if he has some serious ADHD or Schitz. Eitherway, I think I abandon him too much. I am rarely ever home. My roommate is the one that feeds him when I am away for a while. I am not his owner, he just poops in the box in my room. Anyone want him, I will load you up with a months worth of food and littler and if you think he is crazy you can send him back my way!

*Off to clean up the cat box, joy!*

4 Accidents, 3 years.

So I have theory that there must be some kind of cosmic formula that brings up your probabilites of being in a car accident for how many miles you drive. I've had my car 3 years and some change and have driven 81,000 miles. I have already had 4 accidents. No, none of them were my fault. 3 rear-enders and one hit and run over night. WTF? I think I am driving with a bulls-eye on my bumper or a sticker that says "Hit me, I am feeling lucky tonight."
The most current accident being Tuesday night. Dumb broad was at a stoplight behind me and the light turned green and traffic didnt move but she still hit her gas. The other thing is that I am not biased against the OC, but by coincidence every accident I have been in is has been in OC and involving only one Asian. Hmmm. I am just so sick of being in car accidents. If you see me on the road, please keep away from me. because maybe my bumper has a magnet for your front.