I may have insomnia again?

Maybe not, I just havent been on a normal sleep schedule. The BF is working over-nighters this week and when we are not in the same bed I can't sleep. Is that sweet or pathetic? Also one of my friends had me take her to the ER for a some-what emergency that she could have taken care of earlier in the day. So I think I am just out of whack.
I had a lovely day today.... I got a shot in the foot for the plantar's foot I have going (isn't that sexy?) and I had my teeth poked at by the dentist and then I had blood drawn by a stranger. I also added another class to my schedule. I will now be in school 4 days a week from 7-10. Woo Hoo! I think I may have to start drinking coffee again. Also I found out from someone from the our coroporate office that work will be picking up again.... which is good financially but that means I am gonna be beat up from now till Christmas. But 8 more units out of the way! You know I have to look at the bright side of this , b/c otherwise I dont know how I am going to drag through. Wish me luck with school everyone!

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