Ketchup - Nose Job Edition

  1. So next week I will be going under the knife to get my nose done. I am getting my deviated septum fixed. Wish me luck my surgery is Thursday so if anyone is on Gchat on Friday hit me up b/c I will be in bed and on my computer.
  2. I started a sewing class this week and the hours are a bit brutal. It's almost 5 hours a day 2 days a week. It is fun though. 5 more weeks to go. The kicker is that my mom was a seamstress for almost 15 years and I never learned because she traumatized me as a kid. The Dentist's kids always have the ugliest teeth right?
  3. I finally gave up and started reading Twilight now that the craziness has died down. I just finished the first book and so far... eh. I am going to finish the series just to say I did but I am not super excited about it. I am excited to read the Sookie Stackhouse series which True Blood is based off of.
  4. 4th of July I will be in a cabin in Big Bear Lake which I am excited about but at the same time I am afraid I won't be fully recovered from my surgery. If all else fails I will just go out for a really good tan.
  5. I am thinking of buying a street-legal scooter for my commute to work. I don't hate my commute so much but I think it would make it a little bit easier later this summer when the directions change.
  6. One of my bff's adopted a baby last month and we are so excited. She is beautiful.
  7. I want a puppy!
  8. I need to stop shopping at Ebay, seriously its an addiction.
  9. I need to post more pictures up. Is there an easy way to do this?
  10. I got the new Palm Pre. Anyone who has one, wants one or wants to talk about it hit me up.