I wish I could tell ya'll that I have been having a fabulous time in the sunshine and playing with the imaginary puppy I've been begging my bf to get me.

Sometimes I wonder if I bite off more than I can chew. I have been having a feeling of overwhelm for the last couple of weeks to the point that I am just withdrawing from life a little bit. Not noticable to most but I know that I am letting things fall to the wayside that I really should be taking care of. Which is also why I have been semi-MIA on my blog. Oh and my reader? Almost to 1,000. Awesome.

I actually have some great posts floating in my head and some pictures I want to share for the OCD organized. I will get to it soon. I will at least try to catch up on commenting. If I am not here then I must be at your blog.

Talk to everyone soon.

P.S.S. For anyone doing the "Don't Go Over in October" Challenge.... I have only fallen off the wagon once. I had a credit at Ross and I ended up spending a little over my credit on shoes. But seriously? Can we ever have too many shoes?


Hand Me the Brown Paper Bag Now

Normally that would be meant for beer, but not for the month of October. I found this "Don't Go Over In October Challenge" while I was browsing Heidi's blog.

31 days. No Shopping. Just necessities. Thank God there are no Nordstrom sales that month and I just went there last week. No Old Navy or Target. I can't say I will be saving a lot of time since I generally hate the mall and do most of my shopping online. Maybe I will be a little more productive in front of the computer since I think it would be in my best interest not to be browsing so much. I don't want to be the hungry cat with tuna in my face.

2 days in yes I am having a little bit of lust. Currently it's being compensated by the fact that I have to buy things for my side job which is technology related. I love buying new toys and software. Even better when its billable!


As Good as Martha Stewart in Prison

This is what my bf thinks of crafts as a whole. Or this is what he thinks of my crafting as a whole. The last couple of weeks have been full of all things domesticated and to tell you the truth I am a bit exhausted. Not in a bad way just trying to put a house together and still have a life is a lot of work. Trying to come to work without looking like I just rolled out of bed is a lot of work.

I would say about 80% of the house is unpacked. The rest of it is still sitting in boxes in the garage. At least they are neatly stacked. I am waiting for a weekend that I am not working and not having company over to plow through it some more. Still have some painting to do and other little projects but not the end of the world.

I am also waiting for our semi-permanent house guest to find his own home. Nice guy but seriously? 2 going on 3 weeks? He's been doing this all summer at everyone else's house just because we have an actual spare bedroom doesn't mean we want you in it through the Fall. Plus, I am tired of Febreezing the bed. I miss having my closet and having to pick out my outfits the night before and having to get ready in our tiny master bath.

When I was in Idaho I relearned how to crochet and about to finish my first blanket which i pretty excited about. its a couch blanket. Long enough to cover all under my toes and wide enough to cover me side to side. Oh speaking of vacationing... Magda please e-mail me your pictures again because the link that you sent me didn't work. It's cool if you send them in separate e-mails. I will have a decision for the contest by the end of the week if anyone is still here listening. Thanks!

When I was up North i went on a crazy yarn binge and got some pretty nice stuff. A lot of people will be getting scarfs this year. I also met up with LJ's sister who is still in her Jerry Springer life. I think the reason her and I get along is because I am not negative towards her decisions. Do I agree with everything she does? Um, no. At the same time she is an adult and she is choosing her path and all you can do is be supportive as long as she is not hurting anyone (including herself). Along with that I think I am helping her make some positive choices in what she is doing with her life. I will get into more detail as our little project progresses.

Since I was on this yarn kick I started looking up local places when I got back and went to a place on my way home from work. I think it was a sign when I got there it was the first day of a knitting class. I signed up for the class and learned something the first day. Unfortunately, I had something conflicting on my schedule for the second meeting so I will be there for the 3rd meeting. Also when I was up North I met a girl who had a really cool necklace that I am attempting to reconstruct and those will also be Christmas gifts. I have a few projects between now and Christmas.

If crafting isn't enough to take up some time in the next few months Junior League is in full swing. I have been to at least 4 JL related things in the last month and I think I have another 7 more between now and the end of the year. So far it has been a lot of fun and the social aspect of it is one of the main reasons I joined. I have met a bunch of girls who are on the same boat as me in the respect of career and relationship status. I mean there are million girls who are married but a lot with long-term bfs as well. I still haven't made a real good friend but there are lot of prospects. The only thing that sucks is that I am out of the area on the weekends because I live so far out. Oh well. Willing to travel.

So I will be going back to my jail cell crafts. I will post some pictures once I have some finished projects done and more of the house as they come. I am still here even if I am not writing. I may actually be starting a new blog. I will have more details once I get things a little more together. For right now I a still reading even if I am not the best commenter.


A Contest!

Edit: Extended Contest to get some more entries, please tell your friends.

With my move from a small house to a really big house there has been a lot of decorating to do. Out of my garage came out a huge picture frame that holds 30 5x7 pics that has never been used. Originally I was thinking of doing a bunch of pics of my friends and family but I wanted something more interesting. This is where you come in.

For the contest I would like you and anyone else you know to send me pictures of random pretty/cute/funny things. Pics from a place you have visited or where you live. Your adorable dog. A picture of your awesome shoes! The only thing I don't think would work is people. It would be hard to explain to my friends and family why I have pictures of people I don't know on my wall. Unless I know you then that's cool too. These will all be printed and put in the frame in the living room. Please submit your own pictures and not something you found off the Internet.

To enter:

Send me a picture to starchase83(at)me.com. Multiple entries are accepted.

The prize for picture I like best: $50 Target Gift card.

To rally up some support:

1. Tell your friends about the contest via twitter and include my @starchase83 so I know. (1 entry).
2. Become a follower of my blog (1 entry).
3. Write a post about my contest on your blog and send me a link back via the comments or e-mail. (2 entries).

This winner will be picked at random. Prize for this is: $20 Starbucks gift card.

This contest ends August 31st at 10pm PST.


Like My Mom Says....

"Luz de la calle, escuridad de su casa"

which translates to:

"Light of street darkness of your own house."

I did my very first guest post over at http://www.lifeofabusywife.com/

come show some love!

See ya'll Monday!


The one where Janet Jackson is my drunken bff and Miley Cirus is a *#%W#()

You know you've been exposed to too much social media when you start dreaming about it. I can't remember the last time I dreamt about anyone outside of my immediate friends and family or even blogland people.

Over the weekend I had a dream about Janet Jackson. We were at a charity event together where I was supposed to bring a banana peel to honor the organization the charity was for. I was introduced to Janet and she all of a sudden became all BFF with me and was chugalluging her booze. And she was wearing that outfit where she had the "costume malfunction". There was another guy who introduced himself as Sam somethingoranother and I didn't know he was a celebrity rapper. Which isn't too surprising considering I listen to country. Miley Cirus was on the otherside screaming at an assistant to get her a latte and being a total bitch and giving us the stink-eye for no apparent reason.

The next scene is us sitting front row on a catwalk and Janet wont STFU. And then Sam's name is said by the MC and he starts mumbling that he is not going up there and he is definatetly not performing. Janet is starting to slide off her chair and is yelling something about "I want those kids. I don't know why my mom got those kids and the damn money! Those are my kids and my money!" The models start coming down the runway and one of them passes out in front of Janet from being so starved and instead of people helping the model they are all trying to calm down Janet. I am looking after the model and Janet is screaming at me that she wants me to take her to her moms to pick up the kids. I tell her she is out of her mind and I am not driving her out to LA from Newport and she can spend the night at my house to get her shit together.

Yeah, crazy dream. Anyone care to share?


I didn't know I was related to Jerry Springer

When a sibling of your significant other tells you they want to come visit its normally a good thing right? LJ's sister wants to come visit in a couple of weeks which I am totally cool with. Everyone in the family has given me prewarnings of not getting to close to her because she is crazy as hell. The handful of times I have met her she seems really nice and I don't see any reason why we should have her over.

I know that there is drama going on with her mom (whom I speak with) about her new bf (a guy twice her age), while I don't necessarily agree with her choice of bf, I do understand. I remember being 20 and doing dumb things that seemed like a good idea at the time. Not as far as she has gone but you know enough to understand. From everything I've heard from both sides of the fence the fued is getting pretty nasty and I said to both LJ's sis and mom that I am on the fence and I am not picking sides. I told LJ's sis that if I think her new bf is a douchebag, that's becuase I think he is a douchebag not because of what her mom said.

So lets hope for a happy home full of sunshine and puppies when the time comes.

LA you're not my home but a nice place to visit

When people outside of California ask me where I am from I always say LA. It's easier than explaining that I am from a small beach community 20-3o miles south of LA. I got transfered out to 90210 back in February and have been adjusting ever since. I now live in Orange County as most like to refer to "The OC" which is about 45 miles into LA. Most people tell me I am out of my mind to do the commute and I mostly agree. So I finally decided to catch the train into work.

Before taking the train I was really worried I would get really carsick. I am no good at being a passenger. I need to have the air on at all times. I have to stop and pullover on really curvy roads. Even on the train its still a 2 hour commute each way. What does a carsick girl do on a train? I can't read which would be the best thing for me. Any ideas besides the ipod?

It felt like it was the first day of school riding the train, because you know that its the same people that see each other everyday and can tell when there is a newbie in the mix. I met some nice people on the train and LJ always tells me I can make a brickwall talk and sure enough I did. I also made friends with the bus driver who gave me pointers to make my commute a little shorter.

The other thing that I noticed while I was on the train and generally notice when I take funky ways home to avoid traffic is that there are a lot of cool things going on in the city. I just found out that Legally Blonde has a musical! I am absolutely in love with Reese Witherspoon and although she is not the one doing the musical just because she is related to it is enough to make me go watch it. That and I love pink! There are interesting places to eat all over the city some I have heard of, some I have to Yelp to figure out if they are good and other places I am willing to try just to say I did. I don't think I could ever live in the actual city although I say I could live in San Francisco if given the chance. It's just too busy and crowded for me. I may not have the most interesting neighbors that I want to be BFF with but at least they have their space and I have mine.

Oh and in related LA news, I had my first Junior League social last week. It was a lot of fun. One of the girls I met mentioned that the place we had our meeting was kind of like a sorority house (name and all!) and if we had to pose to take a picture it was a soririty for women. Sure enough we had to pose! I ran into some of the same people i met at the open house and new faces too. A lot of the people who just joined are not from California and you can tell by the way they talk are how nice they are. Not saying us Californians or really Southern Californians aren't nice just different. I am so looking forward to getting to explore the city with all the JL girls and forging new friendships with like-minded women. Anyone else doing Junior League in your city?

P.S.: I want a puppy! Especially since I am living in a house that comes with a built in puppy door!



Where to begin.....

I haven't said this publicly in blogland but I am moving. Actually let me correct that.... WE ARE MOVING. Yes, you heard it here first (or secondly) LJ and I will be co-habitating. This has actaully been a long time coming but something have changed around here that gave us (me) the final kick to do it. *Edit: We moved, this post has been sitting in draft so long that the move happened Sunday last week!*

Last October I was actually looking to buy a home of my own. I had a real estate agent a pre-approval and MLS lists all over my desks at all times. Then there was an announcement of a merger for the company I work for and it scared me. This isn't my first time at the rodeo. Since I've been with the company I've gone through 5 mergers and 4 relocations (in less than 6 years). Whenever I hear merger my initial thought is "Oh crap, who's getting laid off?" In this case my initial thought was "Oh crap, I can't buy a house anymore!" And I was right. I could have... but it would have sucked and I would be broke with all the changes in income that came with the turn of the economy and merger. I think it worked out for the best because I would have been settling for what I could afford vs. what I wanted vs. what we could afford and vs. what we both wanted. My bf owns his own business and I didn't want to come with empty pockets to the table when we got married.

LJ is expanding his business (yes, even in this economy) and needs to be close to his office at all times because he runs the show. I currently live 15 miles from him and work an additional 35 miles the opposite way. So the compromise? I move closer to him/his office. Weird right? He moved the office to be close to train station for (for me) and all the house stuff will be taken care of. So dinner will be made when I get home, yay! The house cleaning stuff is already being taken care of except for certain things I like to do myself. I've made the drive already and its actually about 90 miles to work roundtrip because I take the least trafficy way. I will be on the train by next month at the latest.

About the house.... We are moving into a real house which is nice. I live in a duplex and having the adjoining wall is a bit much. The new house is a 3 bed, 2 bath with a pool, jacuzzi and a built-in bbq. There is also a flat-screen outside you can watch from the sitting area and the jacuzzi which I think is cool. We also purchased a projector for the family room this weekend and are looking for a 100" screen. The house is mostly unpacked except for the important things like the guest room. The guest room also doubles as my closet/craft area which I am super excited about (or will be at least once its all set up and have all the furniture in.) We have people coming out TOMORROW and I still haven't finished the room. Oops!

I will have pictures of the house up hopefully sometime next week once all the boxes are moved out of the way and I still need to buy a lot of decorating stuff. My walls are pretty barren at this point and the kitchen looks like Christmas sort of. We will be painting to say the least. Oh and of course I will show everyone the new home for the shoes!

So who's coming to visit me and the pool?

Oh and I keep running into Larry King in the parking lot next to work... is that weird?


Ketchup - Nose Job Edition

  1. So next week I will be going under the knife to get my nose done. I am getting my deviated septum fixed. Wish me luck my surgery is Thursday so if anyone is on Gchat on Friday hit me up b/c I will be in bed and on my computer.
  2. I started a sewing class this week and the hours are a bit brutal. It's almost 5 hours a day 2 days a week. It is fun though. 5 more weeks to go. The kicker is that my mom was a seamstress for almost 15 years and I never learned because she traumatized me as a kid. The Dentist's kids always have the ugliest teeth right?
  3. I finally gave up and started reading Twilight now that the craziness has died down. I just finished the first book and so far... eh. I am going to finish the series just to say I did but I am not super excited about it. I am excited to read the Sookie Stackhouse series which True Blood is based off of.
  4. 4th of July I will be in a cabin in Big Bear Lake which I am excited about but at the same time I am afraid I won't be fully recovered from my surgery. If all else fails I will just go out for a really good tan.
  5. I am thinking of buying a street-legal scooter for my commute to work. I don't hate my commute so much but I think it would make it a little bit easier later this summer when the directions change.
  6. One of my bff's adopted a baby last month and we are so excited. She is beautiful.
  7. I want a puppy!
  8. I need to stop shopping at Ebay, seriously its an addiction.
  9. I need to post more pictures up. Is there an easy way to do this?
  10. I got the new Palm Pre. Anyone who has one, wants one or wants to talk about it hit me up.


B/c I am horrible girlfriend and blogger

I finally got all the pictures back from my friends to do a legit birthday/anniversary/confirmation post.... but I don't have them with me. So real pictureless we go. Overall the whole 2 weeks have been awesome. Even with being sick. So sick that I had to go to the ER and get quarentined b/c I might have swine flu. Obvs I didn't. So where to begin....

Thursday the 30th was my actual birthday and LJ made me my favorite meal steak, asparagus and red potatoes followed by a tiny coconut cake.

My birthday and our anniversary is only 7 days apart so I only get 1 gift for both. I think this year I didn't make out too bad.

Friday I got sick all of a sudden made it to urgent care and was told I had a stomach flu. Which wasn't the case but I kept getting progressively worse. Saturday was my confirmation date. For those out of the loop its a Catholic thing where you are seen as an adult in the eyes of the church. Also if I ever want to get married in a catholic church I needed to do this.This is the real church where this all went down.

LJ and I have an ongoing joke about how white-washed I am even though I am actually still pretty close to my Mexican roots. Hell, my parents don't even speak English. I am fluent in Spanish although I do have a thick American accent. I was born in the States. So The weekend consisted of my birthday, my confirmation, a boxing match and Mexican Food. I told him we basically squeezed in all the Mexican for the year into one weekend. All we were missing was a baptism, a communion and a pinata.

Since I was still sick I didn't get to enjoy the festivities as much as I would have liked. I know the tequila flowing around helped get everyone loosened up and some even hooked up. I was dying by about 11 but I know people stayed up till 2AM.

To round up the weekend I ended up in the ER with a 101.6 fever and no real clue what was wrong with me. It ended up being some sort of virus that eventually ran its course.

This post has been sitting in my drafts too long. I will have real posts later this week.


Happy Birthday to Me!

So far my birthday has been pretty awesome. I will have a full update at the end of the weekend. So far its included a fancy lunch and diamonds. Can it get any better? I guess we will have to see. Hope ya'll have a great weekend.


Look Ma I Can See!

I am posting this for @chadscott viewing pleasure. I got new glasses. I don't wear glasses all the time but I need them to read, drive at night and to see far distances. These are my new beauties.

Happy Birthday, Sort of.

My birthday is this week, on Thursday I will be 26 to be exact. I bought myself a little gift for my birthday and couldnt wait till Thursday to play with it. See below.

I couldn't suck it up to buy a real lens but I bought these filters that let me get pretty close up. I am so excited to shoot again. Yay!


Spring Cleaning - Shoes

I've been meaning to go through my closets for a long time b/c honestly they are overflowing. I don't say this in a bragging manner. Matter of fact I don't even have a built on closet. Currently my shoes are living out of the hall closet which houses 90% of my shoes (the others strewn about my house, car and office) and some of my dresses.

I just wanted to show you some of the shoes that are in said closet. I have some awesome ones in their but you can't tell b/c of the size of the picture. Also for anyone that is wondering each of these shoes are housed in their own individual plastic see through boxes. Even though I tried to clean out my shoes only 1 pair is going to be donated and about 6 pairs are going to the shoe fixer. So much for getting rid of shoes.


Road Rants volume 1

I already started numbering these because I have a feeling there will be a lot more to come considering I am driving 70 miles every day to work.

Dear Guy with the Cigarrette,

It's okay if you want to die with your cigarrette smoke but don't make me smell it too. I let my A/C bring in whats supposed to be fresh air not cancer causing rat poison. Please close your windows and hot box yourself and let the rest of breathe freely.

Not looking to die in my 20's.

Dear Ladies on the Cell Phones,

You know who gives women drivers a bad name, you do! There is a reason there is a law in California not to let people on their cell phones as they drive. If you are too busy yapping away on your cell phone chances are you either are distracted and drive slow (ie 10 miles below speed limit in the fast lane) or worse you don't turn your head or signal when you change lanes. One of these days I am gonna let you hit me in front of a cop and see what happens to your insurance rates for being an idiot.

See you in arbitration.

Dear Old People,

If you can't see pass your steering wheel chance are you shouldn't be driving. Call your grandson skippy to take you out for a drive to do errands. I am tired of the slow driving in the fast lanes or the merging without signals. Please for your safety and mine.

Trying not to rear-end you


Friends in Low Places

Last week Molly posted about making friends and it got me thinking. I love the friends I have don't get me wrong but I hardly ever see them. I am 25, living with a roommate and I have a bf the rest of my friends (all girls I grew up with) are now married, married with babies or doing the single-mom thing. Nothing against how they are living their lives it just doesn't mesh well for a Wednesday Night Wine Tasting or other adult spontaneous activities.

My roommate is super cool so we hang out at the house a lot which is almost like having a built in friend. We were friends before we moved in together but not all BFF (oh and we work for the same company). My old roommate and I actually hang out more with socially now b/c I know where to go when I need a drink.

Anyway, I still feel like I am missing in the friend front. I haven't made any new friends outside of work or living situations for many many years. Although my old friends I can call out of nowhere and pick up the conversation like we just spoke yesterday its still not the same as having a real close friend that I actually did have a conversation with yesterday.

After Molly did her post went back and read the comments for suggestions on what to do. The funny thing is that she mentioned her Physical Therapist to be friends with. I want to be friends with my Chiropractor but I have no idea on how to say hey lets hang out without it being weird. She told me she does spin at the same gym but I've tried spin and its too hard-core for me. One day I will get some neve and not sound weird.

One of the suggestions that kept coming up was Junior League. I actually had never heard of the organization before. I guess out on the east coast its a big to-do. I looked up the website for my local chapter and lo' and behold there was actually orientation for new members. Fortunately, my nervousness did not get the better of me and I went ahead and registered. The timing actually worked out b/c the organization I was previously doing my volunteer work has been on a downhill slide with organization and I was no longer being useful there. I was looking for a new challenge.

The new memeber orientation was on Saturday and I actually decided to join. The group of women is very diverse. I was expecting at home moms with a lot of time on their hands. I would say the group was 24-32 professional with lives outside of the home. The meeting was held at the home of one of the recruitment chairs which was beautiful and she had a full spread of food set out early in the morning. She is one of those super-organized not of this world energy person to get it all ready. There was also a lot of bling going on. Newly engaged, planning a wedding or just married was the story for most of these girls. One day I will be there.

I am pretty excited about joining Junior League even though orientation is now the actual group doesnt start until the Fall. Best part? There is a formal event in the Spring! Hey who doesn't like a reason to get really dressed up?


Feed Me!

I probably shouldn't be writing this post when I still haven't had lunch but what can you do? I bought a slow-cooker over Thanksgiving and sad to sat that is it still in the plastic. I really don't know how to cook and even with the help of the slow-cooker the task seems daunting. Anyway, I am looking for recomendations of what to do with contraption. Anyone?

Oh and I don't eat pork so no pork chops for me.

Also any good really really easy cookbook recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


Where the paycheck comes from

I wish I could talk about work more openly it would probably make for a more interesting blog. Here are a few of the highlights:
  1. My work is one of the places that has been splashed all over the news with lay-offs.
  2. I survived a lay-off back in Thanksgiving which I am thankful for.
  3. I got transferred to a new location that is not necessarily a lot farther but because of location it can take me 2 1/2 hours to get home from work sometimes. (38 miles in LA?)
  4. It takes me about an 1 1/2 to get to work right now.
  5. I can't afford to have lunch out everyday anymore b/c of the change in my personal economy and location of new offices. (I am not going to spend $20 dollars on a sandwhich)
  6. I have doubled my gas bill but I still can justify taking public transportation because its a joke. Even with the company picking up half of the tab I can't let myself get carsick every day on a train.
  7. I've been with the company 5 years and this is my 4th relocation. Everyone always asks me why I don't move with my work my response is why? I am probably going to get moved again so might as well stay close to friends and family.
  8. I actually have to put on make up on every day and real work clothes most days now.
  9. My soul selling has so far gotten me a tank of gas and utility bill paid. I have some change for lunch too.
  10. Being so much on the road not only causes wear and tear on you car but on your brain too. In some cases more on the brain than on the car.
  11. The most exciting thing last week was that they repaved the ugliest street with the worst potholes that I use as an exit.


It's taken me 2 days to write this post because I have been sick. I stole this post from this lady .The funny thing is that a lot of her answers and mine are very much alike.

What are your middle names?
Um… I don’t like mine. My whole name together sounds like a bad latin soap opera name. His is Raymond.

How long have you been together?
2 years in May.

How long did you know each other before you started dating?
A week. If you count the time we spent online talking back and forth on IM. For the record if anyone doesn’t know we met on CL. Yes, Craigslist the home o the freakies.

Who asked whom out?
Technically I did. We both knew it was gonna happen I was just the one that nailed down the time and the place.

How old are each of you?
LJ is 29, I am 25.

Whose siblings do you see the most?
His, one lives near us and we visit / they visit enough to see them a couple of times a year

Which situation is the hardest on you as a couple?
Right now we are going through some role-reversals which are good and bad all at once. Over-all good. I have come to terms also with some of my traditionalisms which throws a wrench in some of our plans but I think in the long run it will work out for the best.

Did you go to the same school?
No, LJ is from the Northwest and I am from Southern California. Either way I give him a hard time b/c we wouldn’t have even been in high school at the same time. He’s so old.

Are you from the same hometown?
No, totally different places.

Who is smarter?
We are both geniuses. Kidding, sort of. We are very alike but we both have different strengths.

Who is the most sensitive?
I say me. I at least show it more.

Where do you eat out most as a couple?

This little breakfast place about half way on the otherside of town

Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?
To his hometown to see his family.

Who has the craziest exes?
Me, hands down. Not proud of it but it’s true.

Who has the worst temper?
Neither of us really have a temper but I do get annoyed a lot easier.

Who does the cooking?
LJ. I really can’t cook. Besides, he’s an awesome cook.

Who is the neat-freak?
Neither of us. I have come to terms with my neat-freakness otherwise it would take over my life. When I am really upset I clean like crazy. If you ever come to my house and my house wasn’t cleaned by someone else recently watch out.

Who is more stubborn?
I am going to say him. But I am pretty bad myself. The good thing is that we agree about 98% of the time.

Who hogs the bed?

Me. Including the blankets.

Who wakes up earlier?
I do, b/c I actually have to be at work by a certain time. Even on the weekends I am up earlier. I can’t help it. Though I am not a morning person.

Where was your first date?

A micro-brew on the water. We ate the same thing. I asked him why was he trying to be like me. He said we just think alike.

Who is more jealous?
Um, maybe me. Neither of us really overall.

How long did it take to get serious?

Date one? We went through a lot of the first through date 10 questions/answers within the first week of e-mails. We already knew that we were going to be together. The first date was a formality.

Who eats more?

I do. Easily. I can finish my food and half of his.

Who does the laundry?
Neither of us. I am way nit-picky on how it’s done. LJ doesn’t care and throws it all in. So if anyone started to do it, it would probably be me.

Who’s better with the computer?

He hates Macs so that automatically makes me better. I am better considering that I do tech work part-time. I am PC friendly as well.

Who drives when you are together?
He drives. And when we are on “date nights” he still opens the door for me.


Brought to you by the letter V

I was given a letter by the lovely Brookem. The point is to write about 10 things you love about the letter... in my case V.

If you want to participate, leave a comment on this post and I will assign you a letter. You then write about 10 things you love that begin with your assigned letter and post them on your blog. When people comment on your posted list, you give them a letter and the chain continues on and on.

Alright... on with the show....

  1. Valentines Day: Seriously who doesn't love a day full of pink and hearts and love? That and you normally get to have a yummy meal with someone you love. Don't get me wrong I've had a couple of doozies on V-day... but over all its still a day of love (even if it just your mom getting you bubble bath when you are single).

  2. Vanilla: Anything. I love the smell of vanilla, the taste of vanilla. I could roll around in vanilla if it wasnt you know... beans.

  3. Victoria Secret: I love there cotton underpants. They are cute. Oh and yeah they have all that other lingerie stuff... for everyone else. oh and their Vanilla Lace spray.

  4. Valentino: He makes such pretty things.

  5. V-Card: Mine hasn't been around for a while but I am glad when I lost it that it wasn't just wasted with some random.

  6. Vacation: as in I need one. I honestly don't think I will be getting a vacation anytime soon, probably say not till the honeymoon. my last vacation was a working vacation. I would like to say our honeymoon would be in Australia if I had a choice (or the money!!!).

  7. V: my work BFF. Older, wiser, skinnier. She is where I want to be in 10 years. Homeowner (on her own!) porshe driver (paid off!) living the good life. She is smart, funny and if she was a little taller and a dude I would so date her.

  8. Vampires: On tv in the HBO Show True Blood. I love it! Mind you I am not into the genre as a whole but I totally love this show.

  9. Velvet Cake: Seriously, 'nough said.

  10. Vodka!: The creator of many great memories and many horrible mornings. I can drink this stuff like a fish as long as I dont mix. Cheers!
That's it folks! Don't forget to respond if you want a letter of your own.


I'm selling my soul for pennies on the dollar

Everyone I know has been affected by this down-turn in the economy one way or another. I have a nice woe-ful story I could tell you but then it would be a debbie downer post.

I'm not sure how many if anyone knows I have a second job. I was one of those kids that always needed something to do otherwise I become completely useless. It also helps that when I got my second job I hated my ex and any excuse to get out of the house (and make money!) was good enough for me. So what's my talent? I build stuff. Computery stuff. I like hardware and software and making it work on a small scale and sometimes on a large scale. Who knew huh? These skills were acquired from having a slacker nerdy bf that was a real computer nerd many years ago. Another sad story. My second gig is actually pretty sweet and I enjoy what I do. If I could do it full time (which I have before) I would absolutely do it again. For right now I am not in a position to be without health benefits and I can't eat 99 cent burgers like I used to.

Anyway, since my job dynamic has/is changing quite dramatically I am trying to rub every nickel I have together in hopes of having penny babies. It's been a couple of years since I have really had to worry about money. The good thing is that I have been able to keep most of my living expenses relatively low, but with all the changes buying a house has been put on hold.

So whats a girl who already has a second gig supposed to do? Ebay. I am just starting out but I am hoping that eventually I will be able to do something profitable with it. Combinging 2 things I love computers and shopping. Look for my soul with a buy it now of $5.00.


Interview Me!

There's this thing floating around the internet that I stole from Kari, well sort of. She did the interview questions. But, first, the rules:

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone
else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them
five questions.

And the questions:

1. What is your favorite word?
Snufalufagus? It's just funny.
2. Which is cuter, puppies or kittens?
I am going to have to go with puppies. I actually grew up with both but to tell you the truth whenever I have had kittens I have had them try to suffocate me in my sleep or scratch the crap out of my hands and therefore makes them not my number 1 choice. Besides you can't walk a cat and they aren't as cuddly as puppies.
3. What is your favorite holiday and why?
Hmmm this is a tough one. I don't like Christmas or Thanksgiving. New Year's is overrated. I've had some craptacular Valentines days. Even though when I am single my mom still buys me something so I don't feel so alone. So 4th of July b/c normally there is a good party and everyone loves America.
4. What was your weirdest dream?
I've had a couple of weird dreams over the years. Without going into a super long story about my best friend in high school... he stopped talking to us over a rumor that I am now assuming is true. We tried to hunt him down but he kept avoiding us. Anyway, in my dreams I find him in odd places like in a dark parking lot and I yell out his name but instead of responding to me he always backs away from me with a wide-eyed look on his face. One time I got him cornered in his car and I thought he was going to talk but I woke up before he did. There is also the one where I was in the shower and the house caught on fire. Oh and there was demented clowns chasing me around. I actually like clowns though.
5. Which came first? The chicken or the egg?
The egg had to come first. You know if a dog and cat had a baby whatever they popped out would have become the new "chicken".

Leave a comment. :)


Cookies? Delurking?

So our dear Nichole at More is Better hosted a Sweet Treat Exchange last month. I've been meaning to get around to this post but i figured this would be a good time to do it. I am trying to figure out who sent me cookies from Boise, ID. At first I thought it was my bf's sister b/c she is in Idaho until I realized the city was wrong. Without knowing where the cookies came from we still ate them. I am so trusting of the internet. :)

Anyway, On to the big topic of the week even though I have already missed a couple of days of it. I don't know who actually reads my blog besides the usual suspects. Even if you think you are a usual suspect please comment I would like to know that my dribble isn't just going into a dark hole in the universe. Oh and leave your links incase I don't already read you.

** Off to go delurk at the many places I visit but never say anything ***

P.S. for anyone who is keeping track I am down over 2o lbs I will have a real number on Friday.


In Review... Looking Forward...

I can't say anything spectacular happened in 2008. I've had a couple less than stellar moments involving work and my family. These things were out of my control and I just tried dealing with them as best as I could.

This next year I am expecting to see a couple of changes in life for the good. You could call them goals but these are already works in progress.

  1. Keep losing weight. So far so good. Need to start hitting the whole thing harder.
  2. Hoping to get engaged this year. LJ's business is doing well so it seems more likely to happen now. We've already talked about it. Yes, he knows about my imaginary wedding. He is planning the imaginary honeymoon. Now can we get to the REAL ring?
  3. Figure out what I am going to do workwise. I don't want to get put in a position that I am not comfortable with.
  4. Still need to figure out what to do school wise. I am getting transferred with work so I think that is going to make it even harder b/c of the location.
  5. Need to get a real budget and stick to it. Money will be getting tighter next year. The economy is affecting me too ya'll.
  6. I already work with a charity organization, plus my world vision kids but I want to start something else.
  7. Start paring down my stuff. I have too much stuff. Or at least organize it better. Ebay anyone?