I'm selling my soul for pennies on the dollar

Everyone I know has been affected by this down-turn in the economy one way or another. I have a nice woe-ful story I could tell you but then it would be a debbie downer post.

I'm not sure how many if anyone knows I have a second job. I was one of those kids that always needed something to do otherwise I become completely useless. It also helps that when I got my second job I hated my ex and any excuse to get out of the house (and make money!) was good enough for me. So what's my talent? I build stuff. Computery stuff. I like hardware and software and making it work on a small scale and sometimes on a large scale. Who knew huh? These skills were acquired from having a slacker nerdy bf that was a real computer nerd many years ago. Another sad story. My second gig is actually pretty sweet and I enjoy what I do. If I could do it full time (which I have before) I would absolutely do it again. For right now I am not in a position to be without health benefits and I can't eat 99 cent burgers like I used to.

Anyway, since my job dynamic has/is changing quite dramatically I am trying to rub every nickel I have together in hopes of having penny babies. It's been a couple of years since I have really had to worry about money. The good thing is that I have been able to keep most of my living expenses relatively low, but with all the changes buying a house has been put on hold.

So whats a girl who already has a second gig supposed to do? Ebay. I am just starting out but I am hoping that eventually I will be able to do something profitable with it. Combinging 2 things I love computers and shopping. Look for my soul with a buy it now of $5.00.

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magda said...

cheers to you for being so proactive! I'm pretty much still on the "pleeease make penny babies!" bandwagon re: the change sitting idly on my counter (LOVED that image of yours. hilarious!)

I often with I had more technical aptitude. But alas.