Cookies? Delurking?

So our dear Nichole at More is Better hosted a Sweet Treat Exchange last month. I've been meaning to get around to this post but i figured this would be a good time to do it. I am trying to figure out who sent me cookies from Boise, ID. At first I thought it was my bf's sister b/c she is in Idaho until I realized the city was wrong. Without knowing where the cookies came from we still ate them. I am so trusting of the internet. :)

Anyway, On to the big topic of the week even though I have already missed a couple of days of it. I don't know who actually reads my blog besides the usual suspects. Even if you think you are a usual suspect please comment I would like to know that my dribble isn't just going into a dark hole in the universe. Oh and leave your links incase I don't already read you.

** Off to go delurk at the many places I visit but never say anything ***

P.S. for anyone who is keeping track I am down over 2o lbs I will have a real number on Friday.


Who? Me? said...

I'm first :)

Congrats on the 20 pounds! Wow! I wish I had your willpower and resolve.

Maxie said...

congrats on the 20lbs! awesome :-)!!!