In Review... Looking Forward...

I can't say anything spectacular happened in 2008. I've had a couple less than stellar moments involving work and my family. These things were out of my control and I just tried dealing with them as best as I could.

This next year I am expecting to see a couple of changes in life for the good. You could call them goals but these are already works in progress.

  1. Keep losing weight. So far so good. Need to start hitting the whole thing harder.
  2. Hoping to get engaged this year. LJ's business is doing well so it seems more likely to happen now. We've already talked about it. Yes, he knows about my imaginary wedding. He is planning the imaginary honeymoon. Now can we get to the REAL ring?
  3. Figure out what I am going to do workwise. I don't want to get put in a position that I am not comfortable with.
  4. Still need to figure out what to do school wise. I am getting transferred with work so I think that is going to make it even harder b/c of the location.
  5. Need to get a real budget and stick to it. Money will be getting tighter next year. The economy is affecting me too ya'll.
  6. I already work with a charity organization, plus my world vision kids but I want to start something else.
  7. Start paring down my stuff. I have too much stuff. Or at least organize it better. Ebay anyone?

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magda said...

Great goals! I think "goals" are better than "resolutions"--something to work towards, but not something you'll feel bad about if you can't cross off by this time next year. I like it!