Ketchup - Holiday Edition

I wish I had a grand story to tell but I don't. So here are tidbits of whats been going on.

  1. I am down 18 lbs., but honestly I am totally slacking off. I need to get back on the wagon.
  2. Mom made tamales and I have a crapload of them sitting in my freezer... yet I am on a diet.
  3. My bf and I did stocking this year b/c we did our big ticket items a month ago. I will smell good for the rest of my life. He got me a lot of smelly stuff plus some jewelery.
  4. For those that are wondering what I got. I got a Wii! I need Wii Friends for Mario Kart if there are any of you out there. Oh and I want to do a Mii Parade.
  5. I've been slow on my reading so I am still on American Wife.
  6. Work has been slow. I don't talk about it much here but the company is all over the news or was in the last couple of months and it is affecting me directly. Everyone tells me I am lucky to still have a job.
  7. Reason #5012 that my bf rocks: I am not much of a holidays person but my bf surprised me earlier in the month with my first ornament for my tree. This is the first time I have bought a tree for my own house on my own since I have lived with my parents.
  8. Does anyone else watch infomercials late at night and want to buy the product. I really want the Cricut Cutter but I can't justify the price tag. Oh well there is still next Christmas.
  9. My closet is full of clothes which is good... too bad not all of them fit.
  10. I hate to say this but with most of the girls gone from my office with the lay-offs it feels kinda lonley.
  11. LJ's mom sent me the church's cook book. I've just learned 1001 things to do with ground beef.
  12. Am I the only one who has started planning their imaginary wedding with the bf that they have down to the guest list except there is no ring on the finger? Is that just me? Don't tell me I am crazy.
  13. Speaking of crazy... some girl called LJ on christmas day at almost 10pm at night. I was like WTF? I was like who is that and why is she calling you so late? He didn't take the call. Said its just a friend that he made when he first moved down here, but he hasn't talked to her in forever. Still feels weird some girl calling my man.
  14. Met LJ's fake grandma and family who lives nearby. They are pretty cool. Lot's of food. Mmm. Turkey.


Lexiloo said...

I would really like some tamales right now. Maybe I should make them for dinner some night this week...

American Wife was so good! I really enjoyed it. Hope you do too!

magda said...

Down 18 pounds? Wooo! Go you! That's awesome progress, so stay on that wagon ; )

Also, happy smelly stuff is so marvelous. That AND the Wii? Okay, you've totally hit the jackpot with this guy. Carry on planning that wedding, I say!