Starting to feel a lot like Christmas....

Last year was the first year I had really celebrated Christmas in a long time. My family hasn't hosted Christmas since about when I moved away from home. Since then I never really did Christmas tree's or any other kind of celebrating save the office holiday party.

So far this year I have gone to see the christmas lights, sent out some Christmas Cards and actually have a real live tree in my house. Honestly, I think all this Christmas cheer has to do with LJ's love for the holidays. Before I was always the grinch and never wanted to participate in anything holiday related. I know that this year we will be going to Christmas Mass which I am pretty excited about. I will also be making home-made spiked eggnog for our christmas potluck.

When we were in the Northwest we went to Advent services at LJ's families church. They had just built this new church b/c the last one was too small. It was a beautiful church that was massive! It was a great service and the priest made it feel like it was a 2 drink minimum and the bad thing was that instead of completely focusing on the service **sorry God!** I was thinking "I could totally get married here!" Before anybody gets any bright ideas. No there was no engagement.

So I am actually looking forward to having a festive holiday this year. Everything may not be perfect in the world but we should at least enjoy some of the few happy moments we do have.


magda said...

Sometimes all it takes is the right person, the right set of circumstances for things to finally "click."

Glad you're getting in the Christmas spirit! I'm totally with that song in thinking that this is the most wonderful time of the year : )

Maxie said...

I'm a complete grinch this year. Bah Humbug!!!

Jess said...

I'm glad you're feeling the Christmas cheer this year. Have a great holiday!