Artificial Intelligence

I should have attached a picture for this.... I have been dying my hair little by little for less than a year to make it blonde until yesterday. I had finally hit my blonde summit then guess what? Surprise, surprise.... I went back to black! Once you go black... eventually you do go back. It is kinda weird being back to my natural color, I will get used to it.

Next week should be fun... I have my final for my tax class.... It's my first time cooking thanksgiving dinner.... It's Aaron and my's 2 year anniversary (who wouldathunkit huh?) and the girl who I am replacing is leaving (me in the land mines). Oh joy.

No pressure:),


It's a good day today...

The house is controlled by the Democrats theoretically they will take over congress (with the help of the independants) and Bush will have no power! Woo hoo!

Even better than Politics...... K-Fed got his walking papers from Britney! She didnt even tell him, her people told his people on the Crackberry!

And on the personal front... work is great!


It's Funny...

How the things you would expect to know about those you are close with are the things you don't know. Yet people who are mere acquaintances will tell you more than you ever expected.

Life in the fast lane

Sorry to those who actually read my blog I've been gone for a while. Life has been turned upside down but in a good way. Work has been ruling my life for the past 3 years. As everyone is aware my compnay got bought out. It was either go down with the ship or climbing on with the new mothership. I decided to climb onto the mothership. It's been a rollercoaster for the last couple of weeks with interviewing and negotiating. Since I stayed on with the new company I didn't even get to give an official 2 week notice.

All in all its a good move for me. Sometimes I feel like I am joinin a cult. The even have their own "cuture." I liked working for a small company but I know in the long run in what I want to acheive career-wise this is better for me. I got a great position working with top people in this industry to theoretically train to be one one of them.

I've already met my new team. They remind me a lot of the office I started in when I started with the company. They are perky perfect people. With the perfect hair and make up and 300 jeans. The person I am taking over she said "We dress casual here!" that kind of attire is me on a good day of going out. I guess I have gotten really used to being super casual in jeans and t-shirts and sneakers. I feel very "Ugly Betty."

Wish me luck.... my first day is tomorrow.