Happy Birthday, Sort of.

My birthday is this week, on Thursday I will be 26 to be exact. I bought myself a little gift for my birthday and couldnt wait till Thursday to play with it. See below.

I couldn't suck it up to buy a real lens but I bought these filters that let me get pretty close up. I am so excited to shoot again. Yay!


magda said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Lady! I'm totally in support presents for the self, and this camera ... WOW. I've been wanting a "real" camera for awhile. I have a great one with a big lens and everything, except it's one of those antiquated real-film ones. I've all but abandoned it for the little digital number that fits in my purse.

I think your new year is going to get off to a great start!

Maxie said...

Happy Birthday!