Road Rants volume 1

I already started numbering these because I have a feeling there will be a lot more to come considering I am driving 70 miles every day to work.

Dear Guy with the Cigarrette,

It's okay if you want to die with your cigarrette smoke but don't make me smell it too. I let my A/C bring in whats supposed to be fresh air not cancer causing rat poison. Please close your windows and hot box yourself and let the rest of breathe freely.

Not looking to die in my 20's.

Dear Ladies on the Cell Phones,

You know who gives women drivers a bad name, you do! There is a reason there is a law in California not to let people on their cell phones as they drive. If you are too busy yapping away on your cell phone chances are you either are distracted and drive slow (ie 10 miles below speed limit in the fast lane) or worse you don't turn your head or signal when you change lanes. One of these days I am gonna let you hit me in front of a cop and see what happens to your insurance rates for being an idiot.

See you in arbitration.

Dear Old People,

If you can't see pass your steering wheel chance are you shouldn't be driving. Call your grandson skippy to take you out for a drive to do errands. I am tired of the slow driving in the fast lanes or the merging without signals. Please for your safety and mine.

Trying not to rear-end you


Maxie said...

I agree about old people-- my grandmother can't see AT ALL and she drives faster than I do. It's scary.

Mrs. Smith said...

Hahaha...love this post! I hear ya, for sure.

Thanks for the blog love! A lot of people have told me that they applied to BBBS and never heard back...I was a little concerned, but then again, I live in a super small town. I applied one week, interviewed the next, and go to orientation tonight! I should get my Little in a couple of weeks or so. There are very few pros to living in a small town (or at least...that's what I think!) but this is definitely one of them!

magda said...

See you in arbitration, ha ha! I love that. Well grounded, these complaints. Makes my packed metro trains each day seem a bit nicer, really.

tara said...

Ahh, the road rant. I don't think any blog is complete without one.

MK said...

Your commute sounds a LOT like mine. 70 miles (one way) people on their phones, too slow in the past/passing lane. I may just quit my job and find one closer to home!