What I should be doing... what I am doing....

So yesterday I woke up around 6AM and I dragged my ass to work. I finished work a little before 6. Nothing special about the the day, dragging as usual. I then go to class. I have been averaging an A for the semester and we just had our first mid-term and I got a B. I am actually disappointed. It's only the first mid-term... there is another one before the final, hopefully I will get my grade up. Then again I am just stoked that I have even gotten it that high for the fact that it is a math class. After class, I then proceeded to drive to Burbank. I got there at 10:30 at a somewhat breakneck speed and getting lost out in the BFE. The BF was supposed to be out of work around that time but didnt end up wrapping up till almost 1 in the mornin'. Oh joy! Back home (well Bf's home). So total driving for one day.... N. Long Beach, Santa Ana, Burbank, N. Long Beach. Please shoot me.

So one day of this sh*t should tell me to take it easy. I am one day. I even cancelled my plans for tonight so I could sit on my ass tonight-but tomorrow.... Hollywood! Why? B/c the bf is working on some charity event show with Santana and am I'm not gonna say no to a free show. I invited a girl from my math class.... but she didnt realize it was going to be so late. I have a feeling she is going to bail. Oh well shit happens. So I should be resting but instead I am here. Online. Not sleeping.

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