Will The Drive Kill Me?

Will the Drive Kill Me?

You would think after 4 years it is too little too late to be asking if the drive will kill me, but I am in a position where I have to start thinking about these things. I am actually considering leaving my place of employment for a number of reasons but the main reason in the change in my family life that is up coming at the beginning of the year. I will go from the typical single 20-something year old single/corporate lackey/student to the other type of typical girl- Mom. The kind who works all day and goes to school at night. No ladies and gents, I did not pop out a kid nor am I planning to in the near future. For those of you who do not know my significant other is the father of the cutest 3 year-old in the world. He is also a full-time father. The mother is not completely in the picture and in a nutshell: unstable.
So for the last month I have been calculating budgets and planning schedules and worrying who will be picking up the baby from Montessori and with my work schedule and school schedule that I would not be available to be around as much as I should be. After all that work, finances I have figured out. Well at least my half of the expenses and with this merger of homes I will be making out like a bandit. My Sig. Other will also be prospering well from the merger. There will be some displacements and some other moving pains but the overall run should be quite successful.

Overall, slightly stressful but in a good way.

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