At the end of the day....

When I started with the company I am with now it was a pretty small institution. We had less than 100 employees in our corporate office. In the 3 years that I have been here we have growing by leaps and bounds. Everyday has been filled with a new adventure of acquiring other institutions big and small. We have had growing pains like anybody else our employee base has gone from 100 to 500. From 1 corporate office to now 3. The joke about my department since we are no longer part of the corporate office that holds all the EVPs is that we are the "red headed step children."
It doesn't matter how hard you work, how many hours you spend… if anything it was probably our demise. If we are so great someone must want us right? My corporate office days are numbered. Sunday my company publicly announced that it was being bought out by a WAY bigger company. Some people didn't even have a chance to come into the office and hear the news, they heard about it on their way in to work. It has been surreal for the last couple of days. We should have seen it coming. There has been a lot of hush hush meetings, people just acting strangely and our files being "audited".
With all that said I don't know what my next step is. Aaron is suggesting I go back to school. This may be the life changing event that is going to push this decision. Funny, I thought I would leave this company before it would leave me.

Carpe diem.

*Bloggers Note: Aaron is not pushing the idea that I go back to school, but he is making it sound like a very good possiblity. I am enteraining the idea at this point b/c I know in the long run it is in the greater good.

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