Watch out folks... hell may be freezing over!!!

So last night I got on some whim and offered to COOK DINNER. Not only did I offer, I ACTUALLY DID IT. I called my friend Andy to help me with ideas. Not b/c I can't cook (as I tell everyone I can't) just b/c I actually needed to cook something healthy. I ended up making Keilbasa (sp?) with veggies in a tomato jalapeno sauce. Oh and some whole wheat pasta. Made enough for dinner for 2 and 2 lunches for me.

Wanna hear the scary thing? I somewhat enjoyed it. My gf called me when I was cleaning up the kitchen and she asked me what I was doing and I told her "If I tell you, you won't believe me." She automatically said cooking. I dunno people... This is the beginning of something scary. Me enjoying cooking? The only thing it made me notice is that either my stupid ex took a lot of my cooking stuff or that its still in the garage waiting to be unpacked. Either way... I think if this keeps up I would upgrade to nicer stuff anyway. The nice stuff I had he treated like crap anyway. Like my new platinum rimmed dishes and heavy silver set are things I have acquired since the split and God forbid I would let him get his hands on it.

On the rest of the domestic front. I think my vacuum cleaner is cute and I bought this really cool frame that holds 30- 4"x6" pictures. I dunno if I should fill it with pictures I took for art purposes or if I should fill it with pictures of friends and family. What I may end up doing is buying a second frame (first one for my 2nd/room office, second for my dining or living room) and filling the first one with artistic black and whites and the one that everyone sees with pics of friends and family in color. Something like that.

Next stop... white sale!

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