Hitting the big time....

I've been working like crazy for the past couple of weeks barely even noticing summer had begun. I had an epiphany since then and thought back to what I was doing a year ago and man have the times changed.

At the beginning of last summer I was under the impression I was going to lose my job. The over thinker/analyzer/minor OCD'er that I am, I started figuring out my next step career wise. It's funny I say career b/c this still being my early 20's I shouldn't be facing the fact that I may get rolled under a corporate lay off, but I digress. So considering the field I am in I went in to get further licensing. I could have gotten my licensing from some rink-a-dink school kind of like going to driving school with bad jokes, but I decided to go to an institution of higher learning. The hours were brutal 4 days a week, 4 hours a day for the whole summer. On top of my 40+ hour job and handling a household including a child (not mine). The only thing I remember was leaving the office to make it to class and seeing the beautiful 72 degree evenings go to waste. It made me so sad.

So this year considering my "career" is back on track and true I really should be back at the 4 year, I decided to take the summer off. I remember I hated everything last summer b/c I had no time for any fun. I will be back in school in the fall *kicking and screaming*, b/c I can't not finish. I am still working on my house; this is the fun month were I am pimping out my house with the flat screens, the new computer, a new camera and some wireless additions. I realized I have been busting my arse my whole adult life and I barely have any fun to show for it. It's time for me to get a life and have some fun and quit worrying/working so much. Not to say that I am about to drop everything I have going on right now an go follow a band or anything. But hell I need a vacation! Even if the vacation is from within.

So here is to me starting a vaction within my life instead of hoping to get out of my life and start a vacation then. *cheers!*

P.S.: I made Lemon Chicken and herb rice this week. Next week...meat sauce and pasta.

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Frankie said...

Strange how sometimes we think that we are alone in our thoughts and as you are sitting reading someone else’s blog you realized that at some point in your life...your life is being shared by others and I think that is cool.