Things I've Been Meaning to Say

  1. You know it's nto a good day when you are looking forward to it being over before it even starts.
  2. Don't drink all of the booze you were supposed to have drank for the 3 day holiday weekend in one night.
  3. Sometimes, it's not fame and fortune that will make you happy, a simple hug will warm you just the same.
  4. It sucks when your brain and heart are fighting b/c there never seems to be a true winner just a big mess at the end.
  5. At the end of the day no matter how much you worry it's not gonna fix itself unless you do something about it.
  6. Just b/c other people are happy doesn't mean you have to hate them for it.

Can anyone tell it's just not a good day today?

1 comment:

Erin said...

1. Yep you got that right! Sounds like just about everyday for me when I was over at Star King...lol. 35 days of PURE HELL...

2. Damn girl when did you do this? How much did you have? But yeah...that doesn't sound like a good idea to do that.

3. :)

4. Tell your brain to STFU (or is that what you were trying to do with all the drinking? lol. jk...) just go with whatever your heart is saying... <3

5. What's someone trying to fix? Worrying sure as hell doesn't fix nuthin..if anything just makes things worse!

6. You said it! :)

Yeah...can you tell I don't have much to do? Yes, I can tell it sounds like a not so good day today! My day would be better if it weren't for that crazy bitch lady, but sounds like the insurance people think she's not all there either and that her story is a bit wacky....especially since she obviously doesn't even know which freeway she was on!!!! hahahahahahahaha She told them the 605 and the 5...and um it was the 605 and the 10... Those two freeways are quite a bunch of miles apart don't cha know? Aparently she didn't... stupid prick. ANYWAYS..... hope your day got better!!!!! <3 ERIN