So this is what it means to be a girl

It's something I do every 2 week and for the most part I enjoy it but looking at it from the outside, it is actually a pain in the butt! I get my eyebrows, nails and toes done every 2 weeks, my lip done every 4 weeks a hair cut every 6 weeks and a brazillian wax every blue moon. And every once in a while all these weeks align and I have to get this all done in one weekend. This weekend I got my eyebrows, lip and nails and toes done. I also managed to squeeze in a hair cut and a tune up and oil change. Managed to get some food in me and get my boyfriend a hair cut. I feel a little exhausted.

Off to dinner!

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Resolution 2006 said...

Hi Mel,

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I will be glad if I can inspire you. Wish you luck.