Week 1+

So back at it again.... trying to drop some pounds. This time I have a little more help since I am not relying soley on my cooking abilities b/c either I would starve or I would go back to eating out. I have been without fast food for almost 2 weeks and have had the bf cooking dinners for me. Honestly, I do feel alot better than I have felt in a while. Since I have started I have lost 6.5 lbs. Which makes me a little excited. Can't wait to drop some more. :)

In other news... we moved offices this past week. Not a big move just from one floor to another. More annoying than anything else. Nice to have some new faces in the office. Everything seems a little more spaced so we dont have people working on top of each other anymore.

I have been shopping like crazy for no apparrent reason. Well except for jackets. The thing about living in Southern California no one ever thinks its cold around here. What most people dont understand that cold is relative. If it is 58 degrees in Southern California we are cold. If it is 58 degrees in Idaho its time to bust out the shorts and flip flops. Its like a meat locker in my office today.