Open Letters

Dear Mom,

Do you remember that episode of The Simpsons where Homer got sent to hell and Flanders was the devil? You know the one with donut? Where when he went to hell and got fed donuts as punishment?

I know how it feels now. Taking this cake decorating class sounded like a great idea when you and I discussed originally. I didn't mind spending the money (x2) or having to pick you up on my way home from work and driving you home at 10pm. What I do mind is that I have cake leftover up to my ears and I can't stand the taste of frosting. Before during class I would lick it off. Now I have wet wipes b/c the smell of sugar overtakes me. BTW did you realize how much Crisco is in frosting? And my gone Sunday/Monday nights before class for prep? Ugh.

Never again Mom. Let try sewing next time.

With a frosting full belly,
your hija

Dear Current Roommate,

I am glad you found a home to call your own. I am even glader that all your stuff won't be taking over the whole house. What you call clean and what I call clean are 2 different stories so don't forget to take your dust bunnies with you.

With your housewarming gift packed,
the cleaner of the 2

Dear Work,
What happened to the good ol' days of hours of 9-4:30 plus a 2 hour lunch. Quit kicking my ass and I will love you. Right now I love the paychecks but hate the hours.

your slave,
paycheck in wallet

Dear Paycheck,

Quit dissapearing me.

- dwindling bank account

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brandy said...

I could write that EXACT same letter to my paycheck too. Sigh. Where does it go each month??