I thought I would have something awesome to write but my brain is mush from the week. So here is a little recap of everything that has/is going on:
  • I will be going to the Northwest for Thanksgiving to see LJ's family. I actually bought the tickets the middle of last month for LJ for his birthday which is the week before Thanksgiving. He is excited to see his family. I am excited to see his family too. Although, the last 2 times I have seen them I have been sick as a dog and I am hoping not on the 3rd time. Also, a lot of my shopping has been taken up with buying warm things for cold weather. Cuz in California? We have sunshine and puppies.
  • Speaking of which? Sweet Baby Jesus its hot! I have all these cute Fall clothes and boots that I want to wear but even though I am by the beach its still hot!
  • I've been house a dog my old roommate picked up 2 weeks ago in my backyard. He was on a main street and almost got hit by a car. She couldn't take him to the pound afraid of crying so I took him to a no-kill shelter but they wouldn't take him. The neighborhood is covered in signs and no one has looked for him. He is a great a dog but I can't keep one at my house. I will have to find him a home.
  • My new roommate is moving in on Halloween. Sadly *pathetically* I have no plans for Halloween. Am I too old to get dressed up? Yeah.
  • There is a restaurant in our neighborhood that we went to for V-day this year that was so awesome and yummy that we wanted to go back for dinner service. Then their chef quit. They still have breakfast which is awesome but for the last 8 months they have been taunting us with "Oh we will be open in the Fall". Guess what ya'll? Its Fall. And it's still not open.
  • I am making another huge cake next week. This one is for Halloween. You know what? I am still over cake.
  • My house for some odd reason gets real hot and right now with this weather its even worse . I can't bear turn on the AC b/c paying $188 electric bills between 2 people makes me wanna cry. Also, with this hotness my wine fridge struggles to keep my wine cool. It was so bad that I thought it was broken. LJ took it to his office to ship and turns out it works over there just fine. Now I have 2 wine fridges.
  • There is a general consensus going around that I am weird b/c a) the thought of living in Seattle where its nice and cool albeit wet is very appealing and b) that I am okay with Gay marriage. I would think I live in place that has open-minded individuals but apparently I don't. I say let everyone be as happy or as miserable as everyone else.
  • For any of you who check your stats and know where my cubicle is. I know as much as everyone knows and all I know is that we are set out for a bumpy ride next year.


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magda said...

Living in Seattle = Amazing. I'm still sad I left. Seriously, move there, and I'll come visit : )

This is so the best time of year, the fall, and this post makes me all happy for sweaters and scarves. Hope you get some cooler weather soon! At least you can count on some grey up the coast : )