2 + 2 = 5

It seems everyone but me had something fun going on for Labor Day weekend. Sadly in my 25th year of life it feels like I am closer to 40 than 25. I ended up working over the weekend and doing homework. I did hang out with LJ but even that consisted of him helping me with my homework.

One of my goals for 2008 was to go back to school. So here I am universe, in school! I don't know if it was my brightest ideas to start with one of the classes I am dreading and having the biggest mental block over but might as well jump in heads first b/c it really cant't get much worse than this. Oh for the record I am taking a math class. Not even a class that would be considered hard just a class that I never took in high school. Intermediate Algebra. So if any of you are really good at math send me a g-chat invitation I could use all the help/moral support I can get.

I finished the homework on time *thank gawd* but I still want to do the bonus work. My over-acheiving even if it sucks I am gonna do it self won't let me not do the bonus work.


Jess said...

We didn't do anything spectacular for the weekend, either. But it was lovely in its tranquility, and productive, too. Maybe the difference is that I'm just resigned to acting 40 instead of my age.

magda said...

Well, since I'm the girl who still counts on her fingers, I cannot in good conscience offer you any math help. But good luck, and good for you for taking a class! I'm impressed.

I did nothing for labor day either. I didn't leave the apartment at all on Saturday. sometimes its nice to just have some down-time, but I know what you mean about suddenly feeling old. Growing up isn't as much fun as they made it seem.